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Growth & Justice is an organization which seeks to "make Minnesota’s economy simultaneously more prosperous and fair."


The organization's vision for Minnesota is:[1]

"A strong Minnesota economy that generates and retains jobs that pay well, where families can meet their basic needs, all people have access to economic opportunity, natural resources are conserved and enhanced, state and local government operates efficiently and invests effectively for the future, and state and local taxes and fees are proportionally distributed among income groups."

Their key stated values are as follows:[1]

  • A healthy economy is critical to a healthy society and a healthy society is critical to a healthy economy
  • It is important to ensure a minimum decent standard of living for all
  • Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to achieve personal economic security and a high quality of life
  • We can improve the prosperity of all by supporting effective, accountable government that works cooperatively with responsible businesses, unions, nonprofits and individuals
  • Our prosperity must be created sustainably—renewing, not depleting, both our natural resources and public infrastructure
  • The revenue needed to support state and local government’s work should be raised fairly, with a strong emphasis on ability to pay


As at October 2004, the following worked for the organization:[2]

Board of Directors



The following were founding donors of the organization in 2002 & 2003.[3]

$5,000 and above

$1,000 - $4,999




Supporting Foundations

The following foundations support the organization:[4]