Gregory Lucero

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Gregory Lucero

Gregory Lucero is a Salt Lake City Utah activist.

US Social Forum


Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack! table at the US Social Forum - Another World is Possible in San Jose, California. — with Masao Suzuki, Chrisley Carpio, Jared Tony Hamil, Steff Yorek and Gregory Lucero.[1]

Revolutionary Students Union

2014, Gregory Lucero from the Revolutionary Students Union.

Student Commission

February 2014, members of the Student Commission of Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack! met to sum up the past year of struggle and discuss strategies for building the student movement in the U.S.

Gregory Lucero from Utah said, “We’ve all made great efforts to study Marxism-Leninism as students. We can learn historical lessons from the struggle and bring them to our fight for justice today.”[2]

FRSO Presentation: International Women's Day

Freedom Road Socialist Organization Presentation: International Women's Day 210 E 400 S,Salt Lake City Sunday 8 March 2015. Organized by Alyssa Faith.

Those indicating attendance on the Wherevent website included Gabriella Anderson, Samah Safiullah, Alyssa Ferris, Agneta Erlandsson, Elizabeth Rosales, Lex Scott, Megan Davies, Jessica Diane Arter, Elika Fanaeian, Marisol Marquez, Alicia Cervantes, Lorena Christina Chavez, Victoria Sethunya, Muna Omar, Gregory Lucero, Cannon Atkinson, Travis Gray, Chris Manor, Greg Murray, Daniel Chavez, Emurio Pretorius, Ian Decker, Jacob Victor Jensen , Jordan Ruga, Ian De Oliveira, William Ranta, Nick Godfrey.[3]

FRSO Presents: May Day

451 S State St, Salt Lake City, Sunday 1 May 2016, 12:00. Organized by Gregory Lucero.

Salt Lake City has seen the people wage a lot of struggles this year. The people of Salt Lake have fought against the racist Donald Trump, war, police brutality, racism, sexism, and for students rights. We celebrate those struggles on May 1st, International Workers Day. We have a lot to celebrate.

We have speakers from the labor, immigrant, anti-war, anti-police brutality, and socialist movements. We also will have live music and informational tables. Join us for May Day not only to celebrate our victories, but learn what you can do to help build the strugge in the future.

This event is hosted by the FRSO and cohosted by Workers World Party, Socialist Alternative, Students for a Democratic Society, Utah Anti-war Committee, Utah Against Police Brutality, and the United Workers Organization.

Those indicating attendance on Wherevent included Bianca Paulino, Gabriella Anderson, Alyssa Faith, Doris Chatterton, Sasha Olsen, Jade Arter, Taylor Cowan, Theresa Nielson, Andrea Sofia Canedo, Wendi Guerrero, Amy Jones, Emily Lacock, Juliet Stinson, Joanna Straughn, Danielle Warnick, Carly Kay Haldeman, Jeannette Villalta, Summer Autumn, Dennis Potter, Marco Munoz, Jason Cronin, William VanWagenen, Nick Godfrey, Noah Potts, Travis Gray, Ian Decker, Shane Richman, Connor Richards, Dalek Pretorius, Adrian Romero, Brett Barrett, Ian Cox, Joey Brandin, Eoin O Gallachoir, Stephen Andrew Cox, Jamison Potter, Eric James Allred Porter, Olivier Jimenez, Sam Beutler, Johnny Dean Chucho Warren, Greg Murray, Steven Emerman, Sean Taylor, Ian De Oliveira, Gregory Lucero, Kody Coats, John Pacific, Tino Uvdt, Cannon Atkinson, Adam Koritz.[4]

AntiTrump protest, SLC

2500 people gathered to protest a Trump rally in Salt Lake City on Friday night, March 19. The University of Utah Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) organized the Dump Trump rally.

Ricky Bonacks, an SDS member, started off the rally, by telling protesters, “We make America great. We may not run America yet, but we make America run - poor, working class people.”

Theresa Nielson of Students for a Democratic Society followed with a message encouraging people to take up activism, noting that “voting will not get rid of our problems. We must fight and struggle together.”

Alyssa Faith from the Utah Anti-War Committee focused on Trump’s foreign policy statements “Trump is a racist, islamophobic hate mongerer.”

Nick Godfrey, a member of Teamsters Local 222 spoke on Trump’s abuse of workers. “Trump’s wealth came first from a huge inheritance and then from the backs of poor immigrants.”

Dennis Potter from Utah’s Socialist Alternative stated,”Republicans act like he's hijacking their party. Republicans have cultivated the climate for Trump for years.”

Muna Omar from the University of Utah Students for Justice in Palestine spoke on Trump’s pro-Israel stance, stating, “When asked about his call for a wall along the border with Mexico Trump responded the a wall is working fine for Israel.” She also stated, “Trump is not the problem, the support for Trump is the problem. Trump doesn't believe what he says, but his supporters do. It's not Trump I hate, it's the people he represents.”

Ian Decker from the Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack! said, “Trump represents the most dangerous element of the American body politic. We need a world where people can live without fear. It can't end here - we need to fight, we need to unite, we need to organize.”

Gregory Lucero from Utah Against Police Brutality told the crowd, “If I get arrested tonight I’m willing to sacrifice my job, my livelihood, because Trump is that dangerous.”

After the speeches, protesters took turns voicing their opposition to Trump and beating a Trump piñata. After that, the crowd began to march toward the rally venue behind the SDS banner. When the protesters reached the rally venue they faced off against Trump supporters.

Protesters chanted “Hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go!” “Dump Trump he’s a Trump!” “Shut it down!” “Whose streets? Our streets!” and “Trump and Klan go hand in hand!”[5]

Utah Against Police Brutality


February 2016 Gregory Lucero speaks during a panel discussion titled: Utah Against Police Brutality, hosted by Utah Against Police Brutality. Deeda Seed, and Michael Clara were also on the panel, at the Salt Lake City library.[6]

Anti-Trump meeting, Chicago

On Nov. 15, 2016, over 300 people gathered for a mass meeting organized by the ANSWER Coalition in Chicago. The meeting was organized to help spark a mass movement to defend immigrants, Muslims, people of color, LGBTQ people, women and all those under attack by the impending Trump administration.

A major focus of the meeting was building the next major anti-Trump march on Nov. 19 in Chicago. We will be meeting at Federal Plaza at 12 noon and marching to Trump Tower. Join the protest on facebook, invite your friends and share.

The meeting was chaired by ANSWER organizers Stefanie Fisher and Laika Kollontai. In her opening statement, Fisher reminded the crowd that we can not and should not look to the Democratic Party to protect us from Trump. “A Trump administration means we need to fight and the Democrats don’t fight for us,” she said. Laika, who is also a member of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, said that our strategy moving forward must be to defend the most vulnerable and oppressed communities, such as Black Trans women.

Syed Ali Hasan, from People United Against Oppression, described the wave of fear which has swept through the Muslim community in the wake of the election but also reminded the crowd that for Muslims the election was a choice between Trump’s racist attacks and Clinton’s policy of domestic surveillance and infiltration of the Muslim community. “This system has failed us,” he said.

A group of Morton College students also spoke about how their lives have been effected by the election. Kassandra Suarez was moved to tears: “This is my first time in a space like this, to be supported as a Latina, as a woman … there are no words to say thank you.”

Chanel Jeffries, an ANSWER volunteer, spoke about growing up as a Queer Black woman in the South.

Yiran Zhang, a graduate student from Loyola University, again urged the crowd to organize and to defend the most oppressed communities who are under the greatest threat from the reactionary wave.

Mary Dean from Centro Autonomo, the community center which hosted the mass meeting, spoke about her own experiences traveling to countries devastated by American imperialism. “I have been to Honduras and Guatemala and Afghanistan. I have seen first hand the result of US foreign policy,” she said.

Pat Hunt of CODEPink told the crowd that she was thrilled to see so many young people coming together to join the movement against Trump.

John Beacham, the coordinator of ANSWER Chicago and organizer of the November 9 anti-Trump protest, stated that while Trump and Clinton both serve the interests of the ruling class, the election of a man so manifestly bigoted and semi-fascistic as Trump is an opportunity for those willing to fight for a better society. “Movements start when the powers that be go too far,” he said. Facing a crowd of hundreds of people of all races, sexualities, and genders he said, “This is the future. People coming together to fight back.”

Other speakers at the meeting included Gregory Lucero and, Joe Iosbaker from the Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack! and Jesus Rodriguez-Espinoza from the Venezuelan Consulate.[7]

Socialist Party USA - Members Only Closed FB Group

Members of the Socialist Party USA - Members Only Closed Faceook Group, accessed October 19, 2017, included Gregory Lucero.[8]

Utah Comrades

Ariel Paz November 22, 2011 ·


With Gregory Lucero and Jacob Victor Jensen.

Activists united for social justice

Ariel Paz March 17, 2011 ·

Good times @ Pipa's with activists united for social justice.


L to R: Will Van Wagenen, Ariel Paz, Santiago Dirzo, Jorge Robles, Nadia Acosta, Melodia Gutierrez, Gregory Lucero, Michael Broumas.