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Greg Butterfield

Greg Butterfield is a leader of the Workers World Party.

24th Venceremos Brigade


Butterfield travelled to Cuba with the 24th Venceremos Brigade, in 1993.

"Morales / Shakur Center" student suspensions event

On October 28, 2013, a City College administrator suspended Tafadar Sourov and Khalil Vasquez, two students who led demonstrations against the administration’s illegal raid and seizure of the Guillermo Morales / Assata Shakur Community Center. The Morales / Shakur Center is a space that has existed at City College for more than 20 years and was first won in 1989 through a mass student strike and occupations throughout CUNY.

In response to the attacks on our student leaders, students and community say: WE ARE NOT AFRAID. Repression will not end the campaign to save the Morales / Shakur Center or the broader struggle to liberate CUNY for the people. Hundreds on campus and in the community will follow their example. Any punitive measures against Taffy and Khalil will only be a lesson to the people that the CCNY administration dismisses the people’s concerns and that the people must escalate their mass actions.
Taffy and Khalil are fighting for the people, defending the last autonomous campus space that serves the community and defending the legacy of the people’s revolutionary heroes. THE PEOPLE MUST DEFEND TAFFY AND KHALIL. The people cannot stand aside and look as the City College administration attempts to isolate them and promote fake sellout student leaders who want to negotiate away the Center. The Center was won through struggle and will be reclaimed through struggle.

Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee organized a meeting in Edgewater, 160 Convent Avenue,New York, Friday 8 November 2013, to organize resistance. Those indicating their willingness to attend on the Whenever website included Greg Butterfield.[1]

"Join the Youth and Student Contingent for May Day"

"Join the Youth and Student Contingent for May Day" was organized by Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee, Friday 1 May 2015, in Union Square.

This year, in the advent of the murders of Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Aiyana Jones, Jessica Hernandez and hundreds of others victims of state violence, we once again express our commitment to fight on behalf of the oppressed.
Join the youth and student contingent of the Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee to learn about the different campaigns across CUNY being fought on behalf of the people, the role of the students in the revolutionary movement, and the campaign to Liberate CUNY for the People.

Those indicating their intention to support or attend on the Wherevent page included Andrea Adum, Karlos Mtz, Ryan Bruckenthal, Ignacio Trevino, Patti Cruz, Salma Ismaiel, Sadi Pfunk Bimwala, Paul Funkhouser, Zay Zay Kopauk, Tonur Mukh Mondolboi, Alan Warsaw, Richard Finkelstein,Abdu Salman, Nicole Bugarin, Nadezhda Krupskaya, Guy Mika, Jack Garcia, Kholisile Phezisa, C.j. Swarthout, Daniel Gibbons, Oscar Garcia, Hawa Omar, Martha Leon Castelan, Arlene Cornejal, Rajib Lovesramen Miah, Carlos A. Taveras, Jr., Rey Valentin, Omar Rashid, Mike Legaspi, Dan Cione, Majbah Uddin, Jenny Charlotte Haarberg, Greg Butterfield, Sumaiya Sarwar, Jon Laks, Richard Heart, Sharice Richards, Rasheeda Abby, Jose Ponce, Far Han, Lisa Gagliardo, Amanda Ocasio, Narish Singh, Kenneth Fuglemsmo, Cavan Kharrazian, Archer Sackey, Zeina Alturk, Mariya Ivancheva, Marc Durougeot, Tafadar Sourov, Sean Kennedy, Eniko Vincze, Nerdeen Kiswani, Maram Elsyed, Angelus Di Sole, Tina Kelly, María Muratalla Maes, Mila Lebron .[2]

"Refugees welcome! Fascists are not!"

Tuesday 24 November 2015, Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee organized an "Refugees welcome! Fascists are not!" forum.

Those indicating their support or willingness to attend, on the event's Whenever webpage included Daisy Crispin, Omar Rashid, Daniel Dunn, Yhamir Chabur, Tafadar Sourov, Daniell RK MarleMao, Merv Blue, Luis Henriquez|Viejo Chuleta, Percy Lujan, Jacqueline Mendoza, Dan Cione, Sara Mustard, Greg Butterfield, Sam Aldailam, Tonur Mukh Mondolboi, Akram Guzman, Nizum Khan, Joe Catron, Jon Laks, Hasan İncedere, Sabin Rene Figaro, Marvin Balthezar, Dakem Roberts, Nerdeen Kiswani, Shirley Lopez, Kai Yang, Talii Malik, Fernanda Pardo, David Suker, Savanna Young-Jarboe.[3]


According to blog Marxist Update;[4]

Workers World Party leader Greg Butterfield is known for his Tumblr F*** Yeah Marxism-Leninism. It is a page infamous for its indiscriminate and unconditional support for Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Donbass International Solidarity Forum

From a Greg Butterfield report submitted for the Donbass International Solidarity Forum titled “Anti-fascism, Internationalism, Solidarity,” held on May 8, 2015, in the Lugansk People’s Republic.[5]

On behalf of the International Action Center in the United States, I want to congratulate the organizers and participants of the International Solidarity Forum on this historic event. We are proud to be part of this urgently needed step toward building a united international movement to fight against fascism, imperialism and war.

Just two decades after the terrible setback of the Soviet Union’s destruction, the heroic mass uprising of workers in Lugansk, Donetsk and southeastern Ukraine put the struggle for socialism back on the agenda. It has revived the anti-fascist and internationalist spirit of Soviet patriotism throughout the former republics of the USSR.
The armed resistance of the Donbass militias points the way forward toward a revolutionary movement of resistance to austerity, fascism and NATO expansion in Europe and worldwide.
In the U.S., we have faced an uphill battle to mobilize anti-war and progressive forces against U.S. intervention in Ukraine. Much of this is due to the overwhelming drumbeat of pro-Kiev, anti-Russia propaganda by the U.S. government and the capitalist media.
But it is also due to the long history of anti-communist, anti-Soviet and anti-Russian hysteria that has infected the U.S. workers’ and progressive movements since the Cold War witch hunt of the 1950s. It is a situation that requires us to develop creative ways to break down these prejudices and show how the growing fightback by workers and nationally oppressed communities in the U.S. is connected to the resistance of people in Donbass and throughout Ukraine.
Fortunately, in our country there is a large population of immigrant workers, especially from Latin America, but also from the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific, who play an increasingly important role in the labor and anti-war movements, and who grasp the true role of U.S. imperialism on the global stage.
We have been able to bring the struggle of Donbass and the Ukrainian anti-fascists to a larger audience by uniting in joint actions with forces calling for solidarity with Venezuela, Syria, Palestine and other countries under attack by Washington and its allies, demanding full rights and legalization for all immigrant workers, and organizing for a $15 per hour minimum wage for the lowest-paid workers.
But the most important development in the U.S. in recent months is the upsurge of protest led by the African-American community and other nationally oppressed people against the epidemic of racist police murders. A recent study by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement concluded that a Black person is killed in the U.S. every 28 hours by police, security guards or vigilantes.

The uprising began last summer in the small city of Ferguson, Missouri, after police killed teenager Michael Brown. It spread across the country, including to New York City, where I live, and where police terror against Black people is rampant.

Most recently, the city of Baltimore rose up after the police murder of Freddie Carlos Grey, whose spine was snapped and who was left to die in a police van. Hundreds of youth were arrested for protesting and the city has been placed under military occupation.

Our most important challenge in the coming weeks and months will be to find ways to create a bridge between this new, militant movement of the most oppressed against U.S. state-sponsored terror, with the resistance movements fighting fascism and imperialism abroad, including in Donbass and Ukraine.
It may seem that Lugansk and Baltimore are worlds apart. But they face a common enemy. The Pentagon sends military vehicles and advanced weaponry to police departments across the U.S. to use against oppressed communities and protesters, just as it deploys this hardware to Ukraine for the criminal war against Lugansk and Donetsk.
Billions of dollars in bailout money sent to prop up the Kiev junta is stolen from social programs to feed hungry families in the U.S., while the blockade forces Donbass families and pensioners to go hungry.
Children in Donbass are forced to hide in basements to escape shelling, while children in the U.S. are at risk of murder by the police in their own neighborhoods and even in their homes.
We are excited at the prospect of building an international solidarity movement that can undertake joint initiatives and actions. To the people of Donbass and Ukraine, we pledge our determination to fight against the imperialist monster that has brought so much pain and hardship to your land. And we have much to learn from your heroic example.
U.S.-NATO out of Ukraine! Hands off the Donbass republics!
Donbass and Ukraine will be free and socialist!
No pasarán!

Greg Butterfield is an activist with the International Action Center in New York City. He is a contributing editor of Workers World newspaper and

The conference

Initiated by the Communists of Lugansk, an International Solidarity Forum with residents of Donbass, “Antifascism, Internationalism, Solidarity,” took place on May 8 in Alchevsk.

The Forum was attended by 177 delegates representing 31 organizations from 13 countries (Belarus, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, Poland, the Russian Federation, the Basque country, Turkey, Ukraine, France and Sweden). More than 20 organizations from around the world sent letters of support to the Forum.

The Forum strongly condemned manifestations of fascism in Ukraine, including political terror, massacres, persecution of dissidents, and the prohibition of Communist ideology.

Forum participants supported the residents of Donbass in their quest for peace and their struggle against fascism.

The Forum called on the EU governments, the United States, the deputies of the European Parliament, and representatives of the countries at the UN to take all possible measures, including economic and political sanctions, against the State of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Government to implement all the provisions of international agreements, including Minsk, aimed at ending the war and restoring peaceful life in the Donbass.

The Forum adopted a decision to establish an International Committee of Solidarity with the Donbass: “Antifascism, Internationalism, Solidarity,” whose main goal is united action by political parties, public organizations and movements, and independent activists to support the Donbass, preserve peace, oppose fascism and build a just society.[6]