Greater Manchester Communist Party

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Greater Manchester Communist Party is a Manchester affiliate of the Communist Party of Britain.

Members and supporters

Northwest District conference

Northwest District conference of the Communist Party of Britain, October 2022.

Nwest distioct.PNG

Back row Barrie Eckford, Bora Oktas, Paul Levy, Dean Michael, Gertie Carr, Sam Fury, Holly Vallender, Georgina Andrews, Dan Ross, Bob Oram, Evan Pritchard, Eddy Redmond.

Front row Danny Jennings, Sarah-Jane McDonough, Les Doherty, Micaela Tracey-Ramos, Gemma Aspinall.

Cost of living demo

Greater Manchester Communists #CP100@Cpb Manc·Feb 12 2022 Manchester Communists showing solidarity at the (very wet!) cost of living demo in the city centre today


Tony Williams, Dan Ross, Danny Jennings, Meara Fionn.

Wigan Diggers event


Kevan Nelson, Allison Fewtrell, Evan Pritchard, Vicky Knight, Khalid Talati, Benjamin Perry, Bob Oram.

Greater Manchester Communists #CP100@CpbManc·Sep 12, 2021 Great day at Wigan Diggers yesterday! Comrades from NW CPB and YCL volunteered and comrades from Sheffield and even SE London came to the event!


Les Doherty, center

Manchester communists


Steve Andrew, Tracy Delaney, Eddy Redmond, Tony Williams.


Hazel Roberts, Tracy Delaney, Kevan Nelson.

Burns night/Morning Star comrades

Manchester Communists February 2 2020;


Back row from left, Bob Oram of the PPPS, Morning Star reporter Pete Lazenby, Barrie Eckford and Paul Ward, both of Greater Manchester Morning Star Readers & Supporters Group.

Front row: Irene MacDonald, who spoke about the life and work of Robert Burns; Jan Evans, who gave the 'Address to the Haggis', and singer-musician Isaac Hughes Dennis.