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Grant Newburger

Grant Newburger is a Chicago member of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

Laquan McDonald protest

A tiny faction of communist agitators led and helped organize the November 23 2015 ’s protest in Chicago in response to the release of a dashcam video showing a white police officer fatally shoot 17-year-old black teenager Laquan McDonald 16 times.

The agitators belong to the Revolutionary Communist Party, a far-left Maoist outfit which advocates violent revolution.

The protest began around 4 p.m. downtown at the corner of Jackson and State Street.

At a prior protest on Tuesday night, members of the Revolutionary Communist Party energetically distributed fliers communicating their plan to co-opt the budding protest movement.

At the beginning of the protest, participants numbered in the dozens. As the protest zigzagged through the streets of downtown Chicago, it grew in numbers to a few hundred. By 7 p.m., protesters had moved north and were snarling traffic on the Magnificent Mile — a section of North Michigan Ave. lined with high-end retailers.

The revolutionary communists worked in unison to carry a bullhorn, a connected loud speaker and a carefully crafted sign from an October protest in New York City.

The main communist agitator who shouted a continuous barrage of chants through the bullhorn is longtime Chicago activist Grant Newburger.

Newburger, 57, called himself a leader of the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade as a fortysomething, according to the Chicago Reader, the Second City’s main alternative weekly.

At various points during the Wednesday night protest march, the gray-haired Newburger shouted into his bullhorn that he wanted the assembled crowd to stop so he could shout brief political diatribes.

Otherwise, Newburger led chants. The refrain “16 shots!” was a common mantra. Another shout-back recital was: “CPD. KKK. How many kids did you kill today?”

At one point, when the protesters went lackadaisically silent in response to his chants, Newburger sagaciously called for a moment of silence.

Another communist agitator who spoke into the communal Maoist bullhorn during Wednesday night’s protest in Chicago is Revolutionary Communist Party member Lou Downey.

Downey shouts “Send the killer cops to jail,” Downey urged protesters to chant.[1]


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