Grant Brookes

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Grant Brookes

Grant Brookes is a New Zealand activist. Married to Linda Martelletti.

Living Wage comrades

Ibrahimomardaniel franc.PNG

Ibrahim Omer and Grant Brookes.



Grant Brookes, Mike Williams, Mike Scott.

Socialist nurses

Grant Brookes March 28 2015.


Same love. Same care. Wellington nurses proud to celebrate the diversity in our profession and in the people we care for. — with Pixie Bigelow, Marama Mayrick, Rian McGann, Jan Logie, Erin Kennedy, Huia Welton.


In 2013 Grant Brookes was a delegate for the New Zealand Nurses Organisation (NZNO) and Fightback member.[1]

Socialist Worker

1996 - wrote article in Socialist Worker no 17, with S. Wright on Russian Revolution.

1998 article in Socialist Worker 10 on threat to public health service.

199/2000 Auckaland University Socialist Worker Club contact.

May 2000 speaker at Socialist Workers Organisation's Socialism 2000 hui Metro College, "Reformist Politics in NZ".

2001 - in London, attends meetings of Hackney branch of Socialist Alliance.

2002 - Socialist Workers Organisation member. [2]

2003 - editor of the Socialist Worker Monthly Review.[3]

2004 - on editorial team Socialist Worker Monthly Review.

Socialist Worker’s central committee

The Socialist Worker central committee in August 2011 consisted of;[4]

Peace Action Wellington

2003 - Every 4th of July, the USA celebrates the anniversary of its independence from British colonial rule while denying freedom to people around the world.

This year, Peace Action Wellington is calling on people to join us in protesting at the US ambassador's Independence Day function.

"US military forces are occupying Afghanistan and Iraq while its corporations exploit those countries for private profit", said PAW spokesperson Grant Brookes.

Workers Charter

2005 - the Workers Charter is personally endorsed by these 119 individuals: Grant Brookes, nurses union delegate (Wellington). [5]