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Bay Area New Priorities Campaign

Initiating signers, Bay Area New Priorities Campaign were;

Japanese American comrades

Eric Mar June 5 2018.


Still thinking about the sudden passing of Pete (Peter Kenichi Yamamoto), his last poems and the joy he got from experiencing Asian American and community arts, his reflections on dialysis and the natural process of aging, his embrace of Thich Nhat Hahn, Marxism, revolutionary struggle and Jtown. Here, Pete was one of the handful of men to support our ‘Comfort Women’ Justice Coalition. He was steadfast as a Japanese American (along with Grace Shimizu, John Ota, Grace Morizawa, Tomomi Kinukawa, Jeff Adachi, Kenji Taguma, Kathy Masaoka & David Monkawa) working to build solidarity within the JA communities and broader Pan-Asian Unity as well!