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Grace Leung

Grace Leung is a New Zealand activist. She is a Certification Officer at BioGro New Zealand Ltd. She has previously worked at Te Rito Organics, Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand, Te Rito Gardens, and was educated at Lincoln University.[1]


Grace Leung has a background in organics from working with organic growers in NZ, Samoa, Mexico and Timor Leste, and qualifications in both organics (NZQA certificate in organic horticulture) and agro-ecology (Masters in Environmental Studies & post-graduate certificate in Applied Science).

Most recently Grace Leung has worked as the Manager at Ti Rito Organics, a community enterprise producing certified organic vegetables and gardening services.She also speaks Spanish and Cantonese.[2]


July 2005,Grace Leung was one of 12-person delegation to visit San Cristobal de las Casas and nearby communities in Chiapas.

Our visit included meeting with local and international social and economic justice groups ranging from Chiapas Peace House (an organization that supports overseas volunteers) to CEDICI (a research and advocacy group that investigates into the Mexican military’s oppression of autonomous communities). We visited a vocational training school for indigenous youth so we could see how the next generation acquires skills to bring back to their communities, so that they may be autonomous and independent of government agencies.[3]

Just Focus

2006 - Just Focus member.

Zapatista Support Group


June 27, 2013, lunchtime, members of the Wellington Zapatista Support Group, including Grace Leung and Paul Bruce held a candlelight vigil outside the Mexican Embassy in Wellington as part of the “Week of Worldwide Action: Juan Vázquez Guzmán Lives! The Bachajón struggle continues!”

After constructing a small shrine with flowers and candles in remembrance of Juan Vázquez Guzmán, an indigenous community leader assassinated in April, the group hand-delivered a letter to the Mexican Ambassador to New Zealand, demanding that Guzman’s killers be brought to justice, and an end to the blatant abuses of rights of the Tzeltal communities of San Sebastián Bachajón.[4]


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