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Gordon Jackman

Gordon Jackman is a New Zealand activist. He is married to Catherine Delahunty.


Toxins department

1991 - a member of Greenpeace's toxics department. Stated in 30th Jan. Christchurch Press that he would question management of the Tiwai Point Aluminium Smelter and the NZFP Mataura paper mill about waste disposal. The plants could be targets of Greenpeace anti-pollution demonstrators in February.

Conflict of interest

August 2002 GPNZ Media Release

Gordon Jackman announced that he was stepping down as Chair of Greenpeace at the Board meeting held today in Auckland.

He had found himself in a position of conflicting interests as a result of being asked to assist the Green Party in its negotiations with the Labour Party following the election result last weekend.

I want to set the record straight that I am participating in the negotiations as a private individual. This role is not tenable in the role of the Chair and Trustee of Greenpeace New Zealand, said Mr Jackman.
I want to protect the integrity of Greenpeace and its ability to operate independently of any political party, he said.

The Board acknowledged the huge contribution Gordon had made to Greenpeace as a Toxics and Forestry campaigner for many years before he joined the Board.

Greenpeace now

In 2005 Jackman commented on the current state of Greenpeace;

"We were the darling of the public in the late 80s," says long-time Greenpeace staffer and dioxin campaigner Gordon Jackman.
"People would ring us up if there was a fire, for god's sake. We were so big, they thought we were the government."
But times change. The organisation is no longer "leading-edge", Jackman says, because it can't be. To be effective on issues such as climate change, it has become a suit-and-tie lobbyist at international forums such as the United Nations.
Jackman, who runs an environmental organisation in Gisborne, still works for Greenpeace but is not as close to the organisation as he once was.


2004 - took part in Foreshore and Seabed Hikoi. [1]

Kotare Trust

2005 - Kotare current Trustees are: Tim Howard (Whangarei) Chair, Sue Bradford (Wellsford) deputy Chair, Quentin Jukes, Noelene Landrigan (Wellsford), Kate Abel (Opotiki), Gordon Jackman (Gisborne) Kay Robin, Ngai Tamanuhiri (Manutuke), Tali Williams (Wellington) and Sue Berman (Waitakere).


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