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Glenn Burleigh

Glenn Burleigh works at BSRG Studio, and Metropolitan St. Louis Equal Housing and Opportunity Council. He was a Consultant at Independent Campaign Management Consultant, St. Louis Missouri.

Campaign experience

I have experience in labor, community, and political organizing. My specialty is political, and I can run initiative petition drives, decline-to-sign drives, and provide full service candidate campaign management. I provide aggressive and comprehensive field management to campaigns, large and small.

Specialties: My greatest strength is running campaigns based on strong campaign mechanics, with a grassroots focus. My own experience and record prove that if a campaign concentrates on the basics, and has a serious work ethic, then it is possible to overcome significant spending disadvantages. Once the basics are taken care of, then additional funds can be used to build towards even higher margins of victory.

Head Organizer St. Louis ACORN

Nonprofit; 201-500 employees; Political Organization industry

October 2008 – December 2009 (1 year 3 months)

Overseeing the community and political organizing efforts of St. Louis ACORN.

Was contracted out to run the statewide field campaign for WECAN, the coalition that stopped Ward Connerley's anti-affirmative action initiative(MOCRI).

Was contracted out to supervise the three eastern MO US Congressional Districts signature gathering efforts for Missourians for Quality Homecare. Also, I trained supervisors for the other districts. At this time, our signature collectors also collected a large percentage of the signatures for Renew Missouri.

-Was contracted out to be Campaign Manager for Robin Wright-Jones' State Senate campaign.

In this race we overcame a massive spending disadvantage, and were able to pull off a major grassroots, progressive upset.[1]


Saint Louis University


Burleigh was head Organizer at St. Louis ACORN, St. Louis Metro Political Director at Missouri ACORN, Organizing Director at Forefront Organizing[2].

Hands off Venezuela!

In May 2005 Hands off Venezuela! circulated an internet petition: "from American trade unionists and workers to the appeal to the U.S. government to stay out of Venezuela." Glenn Burleigh a member of the CWA endorsed the petition.[3]

Communist Party USA

In 2005, Glenn Burleigh was chair of the Missouri/Kansas Communist Party education/ideology committee and an organizer with the Communication Workers union.[4]

In September 2006 the Peoples Weekly World listed several members or supporters of the Missouri/Kansas Communist Party USA.[5]

Colan Holmes, Garon Foxx, Glenn Burleigh, Jim Wilkerson, Jocelyn Cochran-Biggs, Joey Mooney, John Pappademos, Julie Terbrock, Katrina Molnar, Kaveh Razani, Margarida Jorge, Mary Barbur , Nafisa Kabir, Phil Webb, Quincy Boyd, Russ Ford, Steve Johnson, Tony Pecinovsky, Yvette Harris, Zenobia Thompson.

Suppporting Claire McCaskill

In the 2006 election, Claire McCaskill tried to woo rural support against her Republican opponent Jim Talent.

According to the Communist Party USA paper Peoples Weekly World:[6]

McCaskill is challenging conventional wisdom though, spending more time in rural areas than ever before. While working the traditional Democratic base, her connection with rural voters is forcing Talent to spend time and money on what was once thought of as solid Republican turf.

Communist Party USA affiliate John L. Bowman co-ordinated the McCaskill campaign.

Is McCaskill’s strategy working? According to Missouri state Rep. John Bowman (D-70), who is coordinating the McCaskill campaign for the St. Louis city and county area, the answer is yes. He told the World, “We are running one helluva ground campaign. So far it has been planned out and executed very well, even in rural areas.” He added, “That Talent, the incumbent, isn’t ahead in the polls is uniquely strange. Missouri voters are ready for a change.”
Reaching out to rural voters hasn’t changed McCaskill’s stance on key issues, though. She is a strong supporter of raising the minimum wage (Proposition B), authorizing stem cell research (Amendment 2) and changing the administration’s course in Iraq. Prop. B is supported by more than 70 percent of Missourians, while Amendment 2 is supported by over 60 percent. These two ballot initiatives are expected to help McCaskill gain at least 3 percentage points on Talent.

The McCaskill campaign also received support from state-level races. For example, state Rep. Jeanette Mott Oxford, another Communist Party USA affiliate, told the Peoples Weekly World, “Higher turnout in the Jane Bageto (D-94) and the Bob Burns (D-85) races, which are strong Republican areas, will help the McCaskill vote in those areas as well.”

Missouri Progressive Vote targeted state representative races in the Jefferson County area, about 45 minutes outside of St. Louis, with the hopes of solidifying Missouri House candidates Mike Frame (D-105) and Sam Komo (D-90), both card-carrying union members, and increasing the McCaskill turnout in those areas.

According to Pro-Vote organizer, Communist Party USA Glenn Burleigh, “These are tough races in areas where choice, LGBT rights and guns can make or break a campaign. We are working to turn the tide against the right wing, but a lot more work needs to be done.”

Increased voter registration is also a big part of the statewide turnout strategy. ACORN and Pro-Vote have collectively registered nearly 40,000 new voters in St. Louis and expect a higher than usual turnout in November.

About St. Louis, Bowman said, “We are knocking on almost 5,000 doors a day, passing out ‘Claire facts’ and talking to voters about the minimum wage and stem cell initiatives. We’re pushing for a big turnout.”
With just a few weeks left before the elections, Missouri’s progressive forces are united in their efforts to beat back the right wing, make gains for working-class families and send a clear message to President Bush.

CPUSA Missouri/Kansas District Executive Board

People's Weekly World, April 28 2007, page 4

In 2007, members of the Communist Party's Missouri/Kansas District Executive Board were;

Communist manager

In 2008 Missouri State Senate candidate Robin Wright-Jones' campaign manager was Communist Party USA member Glenn Burleigh.[8]

Communist Party Herschel Walker award event

Glenn Burleigh left, Julie Terbrock, center

The Missouri Communist Party USA's Friends of the People’s World hosted their 18th annual ‘Hershel Walker Peace and Justice Awards Breakfast’ Saturday, May 8, 2010, at the CWA Local 6300 Union Hall, 2258 Grissom Drive (in the Westport area), St. Louis.

Newspaper Guild International President Bernie Lunzer was the main speaker for the event.

The honorees were:

The awards honor the memory of late Communist Party USA member Hershel Walker, a Missouri labor and civil rights activist, who died in 1990 at the age of 81. Walker’s life – which spanned 60 years of activism – ended tragically when hit by a car on his way to deliver petitions to save 4,000 jobs at the Chrysler Plant.[9]

Known attendees included Communist Party USA affiliates, Tony Pecinovsky, Jim Wilkerson, Zenobia Thompson, Lew Moye, Glenn Burleigh, Julie Terbrock, John Bowman, Joe Thomas, Jeanette Mott Oxford, Democratic Socialists of America member Joan Suarez, plus Mahrya Monson, Don Giljum, Jessica Pace, Jason Kennedy, Jennifer Rafanan, Solveig Paulson, Dr. Greg Miday, Roosevelt Stewart, Michael Vossler, Maria Chappelle-Nadal, Richard Von Glahn, Shannon Duffy and State Rep. James Morris. [10]

Managing Lewis Reed

In January 2013, the mayoral campaign of St Louis aldermanic President Lewis Reed hired a new campaign manager.

Former ACORN director and Communist Party USA member Glenn Burleigh was named to the post.

Former manager Matt Teter is on permanent absence from the campaign. (Burleigh says Teter was "fired;" Teter says he stepped down.)

Teter became Reed's manager after stepping down from his job with the Democratic Party, on the heels of his arrest on suspicion of domestic assault.

After saying originally that the management duties would be split between him and former state Sen. Robin Wright-Jones, Burleigh later said he had been named to the post.

In a following interview, Reed said he and Burleigh had been negotiating terms when Burleigh was first asked to describe his role in the campaign.

"Now, he is the manager," Reed said. "Robin has no decision-making or leadership role" in the campaign.

Wright-Jones was defeated in the August 2012 Democratic primary after a year of legal and financial battles over her use of campaign funds, which sparked a state Ethics Commission investigation.

Burleigh, a St. Louis U. grad, worked as a union organizer for Communication Workers of America and the Service Employees International Union. In 2008 and 2009, he was the political director and head organizer for the STL branch of ACORN. He has worked on numerous election campaigns, including the successful senate run by Wright-Jones in 2008 and state Rep. Michael Butler in 2012.

"Basically, I get people to vote," he said.

Burleigh chuckled when asked about his membership with the Missouri/Kansas Communist Party. "I don't (belong) anymore. Everybody has had their wild side; I was younger then," he said.[11]

Supporting Cori Bush


Glenn Burleigh supported Cori Bush in 2018.

Political friends


Adam Kustra December 20, 2016, with Michela Skelton, Lee Fischer, Shawn Owens, Syd Hajicek, Glenn Burleigh, Ben Conover and Susan McBeth at Schlafly Tap Room.

Infiltrating the Democratic Party after Ferguson

Rasheen Aldridge and Bruce Franks, Jr. are among about a dozen candidates on the August 2 2016 ballot who were inspired to run for office by the Ferguson protest movement. While Franks and others are reaching for state-level offices, many are starting at the basic level as Democratic Party committeepersons.

Committee members’ main responsibilities are to register and educate voters, as well as conduct meetings within their wards, Aldridge said. They also select delegates at these meetings in presidential years. Two committee members are elected from each city ward – one man and one woman.

However, the unpaid position also gives them some authority to influence changes in their community. In the city, they are in charge of selecting candidates to fill vacancies at the St. Louis Board of Aldermen, as well as state legislative districts that include part of the city.

“Ferguson was the straw that broke the camel’s back for many of us," said Ferguson activist Rachel Johns, who is running for Ward 27 committeewoman.

Johns is also among a group of mainly South City progressives who are supporting each other in committee races. They have all been endorsed by Mobilize Missouri, and are Bernie Sanders supporters. Of that group, about 10 are first-time candidates.

“You can’t jump to a national level without getting your feet wet first,” Johns said. “You have to take care of home first.”

Maria Chappelle-Nadal, who is running against incumbent U.S. Rep. William Lacy Clay, Jr. on the August 2 ballot, has donated at least $1,000 to many progressive candidates for committeeperson, including Aldridge, Betts, Alison Dreith, Matt Carroll-Schmidt, Marty Murray, Jr., Tony Zebrowski, Annie Rice, Max Cassilly, Laura Hladky and Glenn Burleigh.

Chappelle-Nadal also donated to Franks’ campaign, as well as to Johns’ state rep. campaign – before state Rep. Joshua Peters had her removed from the ballot through a residency challenge. Johns is now running against incumbent committeewoman Pamela Boyd.

Alison Dreith is running for an open committee seat in the 6th Ward against Mary Entrup, the wife of Aldermanic President Lewis Reed. Her running mate, Matthew Carroll-Schmidt, is running against state Rep. Michael Butler for the committeeman seat. Carroll-Schmidt, who is an attorney, recently represented the protestors who were arrested during the Donald Trump rally in March.

As a “white ally,” Dreith was on the ground since day two in Ferguson and also joined the Don't Shoot Coalition to push forward fair and impartial policing reforms.

“Getting people engaged and excited about the party, especially the young voters, is really important,” said Dreith, who is the executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Missouri.

Immigration lawyer Annie Rice participated in the first of what would become ongoing community conversations about Ferguson in the Shaw Neighborhood just before VonDerrit Myers Jr. was shot and killed on Oct. 9, 2014 by then-St. Louis Police Officer Jason Flanery.

“I’d protested and worked jail support, but I hadn’t found a good outlet to move policy forward,” Rice said. “The more I tried to engage with our elected officials, the more I realized I wasn’t really getting anywhere.”

Cara Jensen, the current 8th Ward committeewoman, told Rice she was stepping down and encouraged her to run. Her running mate is Tony Zebroski, also a Ferguson activist.

Others who were inspired to run for a committee position after Ferguson include: Torrey Park (Ward 15); Madeline Buthod (Ward 14); and Marty Murray, Jr. (Ward 7).[12]

Democratic Ward committees


"Getting our Democratic Ward Committee back to basics" Glenn Burleigh and Wendy Campbell. Endorsed by Cara Spencer.

Democratic Central Committee


Glenn Burleigh wrote this February 24 2016, on Facebook;

Since at least 2008, I've been asked "When are you going to run for office?" I've been telling folks that I don't have any interest in being a legislator, but that I've always considered running for the central committee, because I believe we need progressive voices within the party structure, not just out among the activists.
So, on my way to work, yesterday, I went ahead and paid my filing fee. I'm officially going to be standing for election to the post of 20th Ward Democratic Committeeman. We need to increase outreach and community building to boost our ward's turnout in upcoming elections. That's only going to happen if we have a Democratic ward organization that is committed to knocking doors and being involved in the community. I will do everything I can to make sure our ward organization is an active part of our community. On August 2nd, I'm asking for your vote to help build a 20th Ward Democratic organization that is a diverse, vibrant part of our neighborhoods.

He was congratulated by his old Communist Party USA comrade Jim Wilkerson.

The Democratic Socialists of St. Louis Public Group


Members of the Democratic Socialists of St. Louis Public Facebook Group, accessed April 22 2018 included Glenn Burleigh.[13] [14]