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Glenn Andersen is the son of the late Bill Andersen. He was once jailed for smuggling heroin.


In 1998 Andersen was a unionist on board a New Zealand ship. he wrote a letter to the Maritime Union Australia, supporting their strike.

Father's funeral

Said Laila Harre at Bill Andersen's funeral in 2005;

It is truly an honour to have been asked by Bill’'s family and Party to reflect here on his contribution. Knowing Bill’'s capacity for love, I can only imagine the sense of loss for those closest to him: Jennifer, whose leadership and dedication Bill respected hugely; our comrades Karl and Glenn; Rochelle the grandchildren, and our friends, Sheryl, Stan and Gloria, Donna and others closest to Bill and Jennifer. [1]


  1. [ Eulogy to Bill Andersen by Laila Harre at Bastion Point 17.1.05]