Giselle Sanchez Huerta

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Giselle Sanchez Huerta

Vassar YDS Public Facebook Group

Members of the Vassar Young Democratic Socialists public Facebook group, active circa 2013, accessed September 5, 2017 included Giselle Sanchez Huerta.[1]

"Legalize, organize, unionize"

Giselle Sanchez Huerta May 2, 2013:


With Stephanie Mendoza Munoz, Susie Martinez, Marco Gomez, Mary Rivera, Da Lo, Moises De Jesus Rivera, Yessenia Maria Pitones, Elena Fregoso, Essosinam Ward, Jennifer Lopez, Jonathan Bix, Angelica Aurora Gutierrez-Rivera, Spencer Resnick, Alex Deane and Leonel Torres Magana in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Vassar radicals

Naimah Zulmadelle Petigny September 22, 2013: ·


Solidarity between workers and students forever! United we are one! — with Christina Cho, Giselle Sanchez Huerta and Alex Deane at Vassar College.