Gilbert Sanchez

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Gilbert Sanchez

Gilbert D. Sanchez is a Consultant, Sr. Gang Intervention/Prevention Counselor at Homies Unidos.

LRS member

In 1987-1989 Gilbert D. Sanchez, was a contributor to League of Revolutionary Struggle's Unity.

In 1985 Gilbert Sanchez, Jr. was a member of the League of Revolutionary Struggle.

Unity article

Gil Sanchez, Jr., Alice Stauffer, Erich Nakano, wrote article in the October 11, 1985 Unity on the student movement "Broadening our horizons: bringing the struggle home".

Unity campus correspondent

Unity, October 11, 1985

"A call to build an organization for the 1990s and beyond"

Unity, January 28 1991, issued a statement "A call to build an organization for the 1990s and beyond" on pages 4 to 6.

This group was a split in the League of Revolutionary Struggle which soon became the Unity Organizing Committee.

Those listed as supporters of the call included Gilbert D. Sanchez, MEChA, Cal State Los Angeles.

Unity LA


According to Unity, newspaper of the Unity Organizing Committee, April 1992, Gilbert Sanchez , was Chicano/Latino committee chair of of Unity Los Angeles.

Forward Motion

In 1993 Gilbert D. Sanchez, a student of anthropology at UOC Los Angeles, a member of the advisory board of the Chicano/Latino Student Resource Center, and a worker with Los Angeles youth gangs, contributed an article to Freedom Road Socialist Organization's Forward Motion September/October issue.

Latinos for Peace

On October 31 2009, Latinos For Peace issued a statement calling for “no escalation of the war in Afghanistan and for expedited withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq and Afghanistan as well as an end to the coup government in Honduras”.

More than 100 activists endorsed the call, including Gilbert Sanchez.[1]