George Pettit

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George Pettit

George Robert an Arizona medical academic

Cancer doctor

For most of his 41 years at Arizona State University, George Robert Pettit enjoyed the near autonomy of a prominent academic scientist.

Dr. Pettit founded the university's Cancer Research Institute in 1975 and ran it for 30 years, largely funded with royalty income on his 62 U.S. patents and money he raised from gifts and grants. A professor of chemistry, he specialized in the synthesis of naturally occurring substances that might be the basis of anticancer drugs.

Today, Dr. Pettit's empire is no more. In an unusually bitter campus war, Arizona State's new administration abruptly dismantled most of the cancer center on Jan. 27, eliminating the jobs of 30 of about 40 scientists and other personnel. Dr. Pettit, 76 years old, remains a tenured professor but with almost no funding or authority.

"I can't even spend a dime for a test tube," says Dr. Pettit, who has sued the Arizona Board of Regents and top university officials in U.S. District Court in Phoenix, seeking reinstatement and unspecified damages.[1]

Communist Party Labor Day call

The Communist Party USA paper People's Weekly World issued a statement to mark Labor Day 1995, entitled "We honor the dead and fight like hell for the living."

Of the more than 100 endorsers listed, almost all were identified members of the Communist Party USA.

George Pettit, Tucson, was on the list.[2]

"Special May Day Greetings, 1989"

From the "Special May Day Greetings, 1989" issue of the "People's Daily World" (PDW), Section B, we read the following: "Tucson's progressive community congratulates the PDW on its anniversary and sends May Day greetings to all our friends across the country. The need to struggle against nuclear holocaust, to preserve a liveable and pleasant environment on our planet, and to bring peace, justice and economic well-being to all humanity is now more apparent than ever. Join us to make a better world."

Most signatories were members of the Arizona District Communist Party USA.Signatories included George Pettit.

Solidarity salute

In 1991 George Pettit signed a Solidarity Day 2 Salute in the Communist Party USA paper People's Weekly World from Tucson. Most signatories were known members of the Tucson Communist Party, Arizona District Communist Party USA.[3].


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