Geoff Ferres

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Geoff Ferres

Geoff Ferres is Midlands District Secretary of the Communist Party of Britain.

Wolverhampton CP

Geoff Ferres spoke for the Wolverhampton and Districts Communist Party at the Wolverhampton May Day - Workers' Day - 1st May 2019.[1]

Party positions

Joined CP in 1974; former branch secretary of three branches Oxford University Students, Birmingham University Student, and Oxfordshire, as well as holding various other branch positions. For many years prior to 1988, Secretary of the Party’s History Group; Member of the (West) Midlands Committee of the CPB for two spells and before that of the Midlands Committee of the CPGB; Member of retiring D.C. and currently Midlands Treasurer and served for two years before that as Midlands Secretary; 2001-2009, held politically restricted positions in local government and had to give up party positions.

Manager of an advice centre, member Oxford County Branch of Unison; in the past been a shop steward in NUPE and the TGWU, when was Deputy Convener of the National Voluntary Sector Combine. 65 years of age. [2]

Centenary conference


Communist Party of Britain centenary conference August 1, 2020

Housing and our communities


Midlands District Communist Party

Report of the Midlands District Congress – January 11th 2020: District Committee attendance, apologies, resignations and deaths.

  • Bob Bonner Attended 6 meetings 4 apologies due to work shift clashes
  • Steven Bradfield Attended 3 meetings 5 apologies (2 personal, 2 family, 1 union. Resigned from D.C. September 2019.
  • Andy Chaffer Attended 8 meetings 4 apologies (3 union, 1 personal)
  • Chris Chesworth Attended 6 meetings. 6 apologies ( all due to work shift clashes)
  • Geoffrey Ferres Attended 10 meetings 2 apologies (family)
  • David Grove Attended 1 meeting. 11 Apologies received and accepted as a standard for all meetings from 12 May 2018 due to ill-health and travel difficulties.
  • Andrew Maybury Attended 9 meetings 3 apologies (personal or health)
  • Laurence Platt Attended 1 meeting Unable to attend any meetings from 12 May 2018, apologies for non-attendance due to ill-health thereafter until his death in January 2019.
  • Dave Stavris Attended 6 meetings 6 apologies, all for political responsibilities elsewhere
  • Graham Stevenson Attended 12 meetings
  • Joanne Stevenson Attended 11 meetings 1 apology for ill-health
  • Phil Street Attended 10 meetings 2 apologies (family)
  • Matt Widdowson Attended 2 meetings Resigned from the Party – July 2018 (NB: but subsequently rejoined)
  • Robert Wilkinson Attended 10 meetings 2 apologies for other political responsibilities.[3]


Geoff Ferres, in 1978 was in the Birmingham Communist Party of Great Britain.