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Gene R. LaRocque


In 1981 Gene LaRocque was a Vice President of Independent Voters of Illinois-Independent Precinct Organization[1].

Physicians for Social Responsibility

Speakers at other New York City Physicians for Social Responsibility meetings from August 1981 to January 1982 included Michio Kaku, physics department, City College of New York, a frequent MFS rally speaker who links his antinuclear sentiments to the Hiroshima atomic bombing in which members of his family died; H. Jack Geiger, a founding PSR member and president of IPPNW; Barry Commoner, Citizens Party; and Joe Fahey of Pax Christi and the Manhattan College Peace Studies section on the European Nuclear Disarmament movement. Among the featured speakers in national PSR presentations have been Kosta Tsipis; Gene LaRocque, CDI; John Constable; H. Jack Geiger; Howard H. Hiatt.

Institute for Policy Studies

Gene LaRocque was a member[2]of the Institute for Policy Studies 20th Anniversary Committee, which organized an April 5, 1983, reception at the National Building Museum, Washington DC attended by approximately 1,000 IPS staffers and former staff.


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