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Gary E. Grass is a Wisconsin activist.

Open Letter to the Colombian People, Press and Government, Aug. 1996

"Stop the Bloodshed in Uraba, Due Process for Jose Antonio Lopez, Nelson Campo and others, and an End to Faceless Justice and Political Repression".

We, the undersigned, are North Americans and others who are deeply disturbed by the human rights situation in Colombia.
Massacres, disappearances and torture happen continually in the anguished region of Uraba. We can not understand how paramilitary groups operate so freely in this militarized region where the Colombian army is present in massive numbers, and which does not perform its constitutional function of defending the civilian population. And we can not understand why the regional paramilitary leader is not apprehended and brought to justice for his crimes against humanity.
We call upon all armed parties -- paramilitary units, guerrillas, army, police, urban militias and commandos -- to immediately cease all attacks upon both the civilian population and upon each other. Justice, peace and a fruitful life is never found through murder, torture, kidnapping and intimidation.

Gary Grass signed the letter, from the Colombia Support Network .[1]

Working with Babette Grunow

In the early 2000's Gary Grass and Babette Grunow wrote regular articles for the Communist Party USA paper Peoples World.[2]

Gary Grass and Babette Grunow, both of Milwaukee, are former presidents of the Latin America Solidarity Committee at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Grass is an attorney who has monitored Central American elections, and Grunow is an activist who travels frequently to the region. Together they wrote "President Barack Obama must more forcefully oppose the Honduras coup" for Peace, No War, July 16, 2009.[3]