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Garrett Burr

Running for DSA leadership

In 2020 Garrett Burr ran for Portland Democratic Socialists of America executive positions.

Hi, I’m Rett (Garrett Burr on the ballot I suppose) and I’m running for four positions on the Steering Committee: internal organizing co-chair, external organizing co-chair, communications co-chair, and at-large representative. I think communications would suit me best, as I am currently the chair of the Communications Committee at the DSA Washington County branch, but I’ll list my relevant experience below and let you decide.
In high school, I organized our first student-run newsletter that was distributed to every student in our school. Admittedly, it was a very small school. We didn’t have a lot of resources; I worked with about 3-6 students to make content, then I dropped everything into Word on my mom’s old computer, printed out 1 or 2 color copies, and finally printed the rest at school. I worked on the newsletter for 3 years. It was very fulfilling and gave me a foundational understanding of how to organize teams and make something meaningful.
At community college, I was the PR director for our honor society for about six months. It was an easy job: manage social media and put up fliers. Later, I was elected president and organized events for all students to enjoy (not just thse in the honor society). We raised money through car washes, silent auctions, and breakfasts. We also organized 3 or 4 blood drives.
I studied marketing and business in college, and while I have realized that so many classes were rife with capitalist ideology, I have learned how to think about communications and human organization in a more cooperative and egalitarian way.
I currently consider myself a libertarian socialist. I have been involved in the DSA for about a year now, and I am organizing monthly social events in Washington County. I love socialism because it allows me to work with people without having the anxiety of competing with other people. I no longer feel I need to be a leader; instead, I can be an organizer. I value communication more than nearly every other skill; it has helped me form meaningful relationships and achieve shared goals. If I am elected to the Steering Committee, I look forward to working with you.

Portland DSA Facebook group

Members of Portland Democratic Socialists of America public Facebook page, as of September 24 2017 included Garrett Burr.