Garie Bass

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Garie Bass

DSA member

On December 10 2007, Democratic Socialists of America members joined community, religious, and labor leaders in observing International Human Rights Day. This day commemorates the adoption by the United Nations General Assembly of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. Among the rights codified in this document is the right of workers to form unions and bargain collectively.

Greater Detroit Democratic Socialists of America members Maurice Geary, Garie Bass, Paul Bass, Selma Goode, Steve Babson, Al Benchich, Bill Helwig, Dan McCarthy, David Green, Charlie Rooney, and Jean Dietrick Rooney commemorated this date by participating in a demonstration in front of Harper-Hutzel Hospital in support of the nurses of the Detroit Medical Center who were trying to form a union under the auspices of the Michigan Nurses Association.[1]