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Gail Pressberg is a Senior Program Officer of the Civil Society Institute. In 2000 President Bill Clinton appointed Pressberg to the first stem cell ethics review committee of the National Institutes of Health. Pressberg now also works on the Institute's global warming programs. Pressberg worked on Middle East development, peace and energy issues for twenty-five years.

Pressberg co-authored (with Pam Solo) The Promise and Politics of Stem Cell Research. Pressburg received the Janet Lee Stevens Prize of the University of Pennsylvania and the Isaiah Award from Americans for Peace Now.[1]

America-Israel Council For Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Pressberg was listed as a member of the Advisory Council of American-Israel Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace on the letterhead of their May 1989 letter, living in Washington, D.C.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation

Pressberg sits on the Board of Directors of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.[1]

Foundation for Middle East Peace

Pressberg sits on the Board of Directors of the Foundation for Middle East Peace.[1]

Americans for Peace Now

As of 2009, Pressberg was a staff-member for Americans for Peace Now. Pressburg actually opened the first Washington, D.C. APN office.[2]

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