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SDS convention

Jacksonville, FL – On September 20 2019 , New Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) chapters from across the United States convened at the University of North Florida to reaffirm their commitment to student organizing and to discuss ways to, "Stop Trump, Stop Racism, Stop U.S. Military and Police Terror." The conference peaked at over 80 students with a dozen chapters represented.

Matthew Wheat, a new member of Tampa Bay Students for a Democratic Society, stated, “This was my first SDS convention. I was so happy to interact with and get to know other SDS members from around the country. Words cannot express how grateful I am to be a part of SDS, a group that is on the front lines of progressive change. I look forward to fighting bigotry and tyranny with a message of solidarity.”

The SDS convention was a think tank of conversations and exchange of ideas to inspire us and tell us to keep going. It is a reminder that student activists are here to stay and that we are not alone. We're on the right - no pun intended - track. Let's push things forward,” said Gabriela Medina from UTA Progressive Student Union.

“The SDS convention was an amazing show of student activism from around the country. We got to learn from each other’s struggles and make goals to build movements on our campus,” said Monique Sampson, of North Florida Students for a Democratic Society chapter, which hosted the convention.[1]