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Template:TOCnestleft Fresco Steez DeLaflyy aka (Angie Brilliance) lives in Washington D.C. From London, United Kingdom.


  • Studies at Columbia College Chicago
  • Went to Hyde Park Academy High School


Asha Ransby Sporn February 18 ·


— with Janae E. Bonsu, Chi Nenz, Fresco Steez DeLaflyy.


""Introduction to Black feminism"

"Intro to Black Feminism" hosted by Sendolo Diaminah Cazembe Jackson, and Adrienne Maree Brown.

Tuesday, August 15 at 8:30 PM

Created for Black August Practice Group.

Sendolo Diaminah August 15, 2017;

Black people! Tonight my beloved sister Adrienne Maree Brown is leading a web discussion about Black Feminism as part of a series of Black August political education sessions hosted by Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, and BOLD.[1]

Those indicating they would attend on Facebook included Fresco Steez DeLaflyy.

Amandla Training

Sendolo Diaminah February 1 2018

Hey Black organizers & those who love us: BOLD has re-opened our application period for Amandla, our organizer training program. We have just a few more slots we wanted to make available, so now is your chance if you missed the deadline!

Alicia Garza, Ajamu Dillahunt, Aaron Gamal, Whitney Maxey, Hashim Benford, Ociele Hawkins, Bryan Proffitt, Bennett D. Carpenter, Courtney Sebring, Cazembe Murphy Jackson, Reece Chenault, Charlene Carruthers, Chanelle Croxton, D’atra Jackson, Dove Kent, Fresco Steez DeLaflyy, Maria C. Fernandez, Aiden Riley Graham, Kaji Reyes, Laila Nur, Theo Luebke, Maria Poblet, N’Tanya Lee, Taliba O Njeri, Orisanmi Burton, Quinton Harper, Roberto Tijerina, Mary Hooks, Serena Sebring, Adaku Utah, Vanessa Moses, Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson, Thomas Wayne Walker, Jayanni Elizabeth, Jayda Rasberry, Amber Evans, Dara Cooper, Yotam Marom.

Black Ideological Struggle Webinar

Black Ideological Struggle: Radical, Liberal, Conservative Public · Hosted by Sendolo Diaminah and Cazembe Jackson

Thursday, August 31, 2017 at 8:30 PM

Created for Black August Practice Group

Join Sendolo Diaminah for a conversation about why Black radicals can and must learn how to effectively engage liberal and conservative ideologies among our people.
September 2, 2017. Hey family! Here is the final recording from the Black August webinars! Sendolo Diaminah took lots of patience and creativity breaking down Black Ideological Struggle for us.[2]

Those invited Invited on Facebook included Fresco Steez DeLaflyy.


Adrienne Maree Brown October 21 2018:


With Rhiana Anthony, Ziquelle Smalls, Femi Mimi Brown Shittu, Paige Watkins, Jahmese Kathleen Myres, Courtney Sebring, Chelsea Cleveland, Melle Scott, Terri Lorraine Acker, Markasa Tucker, Brianna Gibson, Joie Lou Shakur, Fresco Steez DeLaflyy, Malachi Robinson, Cazembe Jackson and Cherizar Crippen.

Reframe crew

Jen Soriano November 8 2018:

Know any hungry go-getters with big hearts and sharp minds looking for a great movement job? Well ReFrame is hiring a Senior Program Associate to run our core mentorship and new training program, it's a work-from-anywhere position with great benefits and a full-time salary of 60-70K DOE. You'd get to work with incredible people like the folks in this photo from ReFrame 2017!


Application extended to December 1st. — with Libeth Morales, Fresco Steez DeLaflyy, JaNae' Bates, Hermelinda Cortes, Miguel Esteban Andrade, Jo Arellano, Shaunte Harris and Renee Mowatt.