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for The Free Press, "a progressive news source of community based journalism", click here.

Free Press was co-founded by Robert McChesney and Josh Silver in 2002.[1]


As at June 19, 2010, the following were on the staff for the organization:[2]


As at June 20, 2010, the following served on the board of the organization:[3]

Leadership Changes 2011

The May 9, 2011 edition of the liberal newspaper Politico, described Craig Aaron as the "president and CEO" of "Free Press", Page 15, "FCC Chairman Stirs Up All Sides in Net Debate" (over "net neutrality" regulations of the internet).

This article was a "nicey-nicey" whitewash of FCC Chairman "Julius Genachowski", a "law school buddy" of Pres. Obama (Page 1).{CITATIONS TO FOLLOW}. There was no mention of the history of "Free Press" as an avowedly marxist organization devoted to limiting free speech, especially by conservatives, which was openly found in the initial articles written by Robert McChesney and others (CITATION).


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