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Frank Fritz

Green Socialist Caucus

Democratic Socialists of America, Green Socialist Caucus closed Facebook group members, as of June 28 2017, included Frank Fritz.[1]

Metro DC DSA Public Facbook group

Members of the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America, public Facebook group, as of March 12, 2017 included Frank Fritz.[2]

Statement on "Harrassment of black students"


Signatories included Frank Fritz.

"The people united will never be defeated!"

YDSA GW October 22, 2016


The people united will never be defeated! George Washington University Progressive Student Union — with Keiko Tsuboi, Eden Vitoff, Olive Eisdorfer, Frank Santos Fritz, Julia Grifferty and Josh Cam.

Our Revolution GW

YDSA GW October 22, 2016:

Even at 1:50 in the morning, Our Revolution is revved up and ready to go!

Members of our org are joining the group of GW students traveling by bus to Harvard University to stand in solidarity with Harvard's dining hall workers who have been on strike for several weeks.


Every full time worker deserves a living wage. And Harvard, the richest university in the world, should provide this for their hardest working employees. — with Olive Eisdorfer, Keiko Tsuboi, Nino Aspanadze, Julia Grifferty, Lily Barrett, Frank Santos Fritz, Eden Vitoff and Josh Cam.