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Frank Ackerman

Frank Ackerman is a former New American Movement activist. He died in 2019.

New American Movement

In the late 1970's Frank Ackerman of Dollars and Sense was a Somerville Maryland, contact for the New American Movement.[1]

Frank Ackerman is a socialist economist who believes, "we can all understand what's going on in the economy."[2]

In 1975 Frank Ackerman, Middlesex New American Movement, wrote an article in the NAM Discussion Bulletin No 9, March 1975, entitled "Qn Putting Putting Ourselves Together".[3]

New American Movement National Interim Committee members in 1975 included;

Frank Ackerman, Cambridge, Mass.; Sally Avery, Durham; N.C.; Edward Bolden, Iowa City; Harry Boyte, Chapel Hill, N.C.; Sandra Kricker and Jim Weinstein, San Franciseo: Roberta Lynch and Judy MacLean,Pittsburgh: Torie Osborn, Mlddlebury, Vt.; Jeff Johnson, Fred Ojile and Shirley Wyatt, Minneapolis: Julia Reichert, Yellow Springs Ohio, Peggy Somers, Berkeley; Melissa Upton, Philadelphia.: and Loren Weinberg, Washington, D.C..[4]

In 1981 Ackerman was active in the Greater Boston NAM.[5]

Dollars and Sense Magazine

In the 1980s Ackerman was the editor of the Dollars and Sense magazine.[6]

Merger negotiating committee

After intensive debate, the 1980 New American Movement Convention passed a resolution (by a 2-1. margin) calling for negotiations with Democratic Socialists Organizing Committee, the election of a Negotiating Committee, and the development of a Negotiating Document. Frank Ackerman, Joanne Barkan, David Dollar, Richard Healey, Anne Hill, Katherine Kennedy, Roberta Lynch, and Liz Weston were elected to the Negotiating Committee. Holly Graff was added as the ex officio Political Committee member, and John Beverly became the first alternate. In the fall of 1980 this Committee developed a Negotiating Document which was reviewed by chapters and then amended and approved (by a ninety per cent margin) at the December National Council meeting.[7]

New American Movement 10th convention

In 1981 Frank Ackerman, Negotiating Committee led a workshop entitled Critical Support for Merger at the 10th Convention of the New American Movement. The convention was held in a union headquarters in Chicago and ran from July 29 - August 2, 1981.

Ackerman also spoke alongside Craig Merrilees, Chicago Northside NAM and Roberta Lynch of the NAM Negotiating Committee in a workshop entitled NAM/DSOC Informational Session and Preliminary Debate.[8]

New American Movement Speakers Bureau

In the 1980s Frank Ackerman was a speaker on the The Crisis of Capitalism section of the NAM Speakers Bureau on the subject of The U.S. Economy De-mystified.[9]


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