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Francis Wong


In the 1980s Fred Ho (New York) Mark Izu, Paul Yamazaki, Francis Wong, Jon Jang (all San Francisco), and Glenn Horiuchi (Los Angeles) were all Asian jazz musicians involved in the Association for Advancement of Creative Music and the League of Revolutionary Struggle.[1]

"A call to build an organization for the 1990s and beyond"

Unity, January 28 1991, issued a statement "A call to build an organization for the 1990s and beyond" on pages 4 to 6.

This group was a split in the League of Revolutionary Struggle which soon became the Unity Organizing Committee.

Those listed as supporters of the call included Francis Wong, musician San Francisco. .


In 1992 Francis Wong was Unity administrative director.

Infuence on Obama's election


Steve Phillips August 10, 2013

Honored to be on panel at Chinese Historical Society commemoration of March on Washington — with Francis Wong and Jon Jang at 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington.

Jon Jang Steve, you and I were one of the few I know that share how the Jesse Jackson Rainbow Coalition had an impact on the election of President Obama.

Moderator Doug Chan, and the CHSA staff Gerard Veronica Sese, Chris Heins, Nolan Chow, Johnson Zheng, Amy Lam.[2]


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