Florida Alliance for Retired Americans

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Florida Alliance for Retired Americans


2015 President Bill Sauers.[1]

2014 Treasurer Marna Davidson.

Barbara DeVane, 2012.

Officers 2012

Orlando June 2012 for the Florida Alliance’s Annual Conference. More than 90 people attended the two-day gathering as Tony Fransetta was re-elected State President. J.B. Clark, Regan McDaniel, Irwin Scharfeld, Sarah Jones, Robert McNatt, Tom Snover, and Vivian Silbiger were elected Union Executive Vice Presidents. Steve Protulis, Syd Bykofsky, Judy Kohler, Joe Bowyer, Julia Brown, and Angelica Marroquin were elected Community Executive Vice Presidents.[2]


Tony Kiwak, Bob Meeks, Gerald Rennert, Bill Cea.

Deutch support


In February 2013, Florida Alliance for Retired Americans held a fundraiser for Ted Deutch.