Fellowship of Reconciliation

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The Fellowship of Reconciliation is affiliated with the United for Peace and Justice.[1]


The organization terms itself an association of individuals "who recognize the essential unity of all humanity and have joined together to explore the power of love and truth for resolving human conflict." Contrary to those utopian sentiments, in practice, FOR works in close collaboration with the American Friends Service Committee, War Resisters League and other allegedly "pacifist" groups which collaborate with the Soviet-controlled World Peace Council, support Soviet-backed Third World terrorist movements, and support unilateral disarmament by the United States and the Free World.[2]

FOR is affiliated with the International Fellowship of Reconciliation, based in the Netherlands. Coordinator of the IFOR secretariat is James H. Forest. FOR is taking a leading role in planning demonstrations and support activities targeted on the U.N. SSD-II, and will sponsor a coffee house at 777 U.N. Plaza throughout the SSD-II to serve as a meeting place and literature distribution center.


FOR's officers include William Walker, chairperson; Daniel Berrigan, Edwin T. Dahlberg, Thich Nhat Hanh, Kay Johnson, Charles L. Lawrence, Robert W. Moon, and Michael Robinson, vice chairpersons; Herman Will, treasurer.

FOR staff include Richard Baggett Deats, executive secretary; Dan B. Ebner area development/special projects; Sue Hadley, youth action; and Mike Jendrzejcyzk, disarmament.[2]

Solidarity with Sept. 24 FBI Raid Activists

The Committee to Stop FBI Repression lists Fellowship of Reconciliation as one of the organizations that has issued a statement of solidarity in support of the activists raided in the September 24, 2010 FBI Raids.[3]

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