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Estevan Nembhard

Estevan New York City organizer of the Communist Party USA. He has led community campaigns for the Black Radical Congress, the Young Communist League and La Fuente. He traveled the country helping health care workers form unions with the Service Employees International Union. [1]

He is the son of Lydia Bassett Tyner and Steve Nembhard.

CP member

Estevan Nembhard joined the Communist Party USA in 2001.

Endorsed Communist Party Call

On March 30 2002 the Communist Party USA paper People’s Weekly World called for a national holiday in honor of late Farm Workers Union leader Cesar Chavez. The article was followed by a long list of endorsers[2]including Esteven Nembhard, Almost all endorsers were confirmed members of the Communist Party USA.


In 2003, Nembhard, was the chair of the Harlem/ Washington Heights club of the Young Communist League USA.[3]

Cuba/Assata connection

Estevan Nembhard Havana 2002

Left Forum 2005

We Got Next: Youth Activism in Harlem:

Left Forum 2012

For Democracy? For Ending Capitalism? For Socialism?: A Diverse discussion on Strategy and Tactics

Sponsoring Journal: Political Affairs and Communist Party USA

Chair: Jarvis Tyner, Communist Party USA

Speakers: Gary Bono, TWU Local 100 Pearl Granat, 1199/SEIU Fatima Rojas, immigrant rights organizer Estevan Nembhard, Bronx/northern Manhattan based community organizer.

Communists support Bill Thompson


Communist Party USA members Estevan Nembhard and Jarvis Tyner support Bill Thompson 2013.

Harlem rally against gun violence

More than 2,000 predominantly Black and Latino working people gathered March 21, 2013, on Adam Clayton Powell Blvd. in Harlem in a militant protest against gun violence.

Organized by a broad coalition of labor and people's organizations, it was a "powerful grassroots protest against the National Riffle Association and a warning to Congress that it must pass strong gun control legislation, including a ban on assault weapons."

Leslie Cagan, who was part of the organizing team for the rally, said that the demonstration was particularly important in light of the Senate leadership having announced that day that the assault weapons ban would be left out of the legislative package. "We need Congress to find the backbone to stand up for communities and families here in Harlem and all over the country," Cagan declared.

Estevan Nembhard, Manhattan organizer for the Communist Party USA, pointed out that "it is common knowledge in Harlem and in ghettos and barrios across the country; when the unemployment rate and drop-out rate goes up, so does desperation and violence. This rally is very important and will help but not enough was said about the root causes of violence; the lack of jobs, education, the presence of drugs and the absence of a real future for our youth."[4]

Ras Baraka support

Estevan Nembhard

New York Communist Party USA leader Estevan Nembhard was an active campaigner for Ras Baraka's successful run for the Mayoralty of Newark New Jersey.

African American Equality Commission

In July 2015, Members of African American Equality Commission Communist Party USA FaceBook group included Estevan Nembhard.

Closed working group for the African American Equality Commission of the CP USA. This is a space for members of the commission to brainstorm, communicate, and work through ideas between official meetings.[5]

"Marxism for the 99%."

The New York district of the Communist Party held a series of 4 classes in May and June 2015, titled "Marxism for the 99%." The classes were aimed at new members and others interested in a basic introduction to Marxism."Club members invited friends and contacts," said Estevan Nembhard-Bassett, NY CP organizer.

A total of 30 people attended the four week course equally Communist Party members and interested friends, all of various ages and backgrounds. Nembhard-Bassett indicated five new people came from the online efforts. Over 30 expressed interest in the school on the Facebook event page. The classes were also streamed online.

Each of the classes was led by a member of the party's state committee. Lively discussions were held at each class. Participants read The Communist Manifesto, The Road to Socialism, Can Capitalism Last? by Danny Rubin, and Introduction to Marx, Engels, Marxism by Lenin. People who attended enjoyed delicious potluck dinners before each class prepared and brought from home by many attendees.

The first class was taught by Danny Rubin, in which he described how Marxism shows why capitalism produces poverty, exploitation, racism, reaction and war, and how socialism will lay the basis for ending these evils and lead to peace, equality, democracy and common prosperity.

Estevan Nembhard taught the second session explaining why capitalism always strives for maximum profits at the expense of the working class and results in class struggle. He explained the theory of surplus value and historical materialism.

Tina Nannarone taught the third class on Marxist Sstrategy and tactics. The group discussed examples of strategies that were successful and strategies that failed. Students discussed what analysis is necessary to plan successful strategies. Nannarone discussed Marxist methodology and why its use is necessary to achieve socialism.

The final class was taught by Jarvis Tyner with the title "To Win Socialism." He examined what it will take to achieve socialism, what role the labor movement must play and why a strong democratic movement led by the working class is needed.[6]

What's race got to do with it?

"What's race got to do with it? Class, ethnicity and conflict in an evolving U.S. nation"

Sunday 15 February 2015, 20:00, Organized by : Communist Party USA

Join us for a Sunday evening discussion of Lenin's analysis of nations and national oppression and their applicability to 21st century America. Joe Sims will facilitate.

Those indicating they would attend on Wherevent include Dee Myles, Casey Doyle, Michelle Kern, Keri Rautenkranz Barbara Russum, Christian L. Wade, Athena Matyear, Emily Nashoba Dykes, Abby Liz, Betty Smith, Kelly Sinclair, Kathleen Casey, Chris Reynolds, Charles Brown, Josh Leclair, Roberto J. Mercado, Emile Schepers, Christopher D. Sims, Abdol H. Banaei, Zachary Clereigh, David Bender, Earchiel Johnson, Dan Power, Ahmad Budi, Adam R. Raven, Kyle Ritzinger, John Milam, Estevan Nembhard, Adrian Felty Ken Heard, Jordan Stepleton, Badreldin Elfaisal, Daniel Sankey, Hasan İncedere, Armando Ramirez, Chris Elliott, Larry Burks II . [7]

Albany rent control arrests

June 3, 2015 ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS 10) - The New York State Police arrested dozens of people, including a few lawmakers, at the Capitol Wednesday afternoon. Protesters blocked the entrance to the Hall of Governors and refused to move. They were protesting rent control regulations. State Police arrested 55 people for Disorderly Conduct. According to police, three Assembly members, three Senators, and three New York City council members were arrested.

Senators Bill Perkins, Adriano Espaillat, and Brad Holyman, as well as Assembly members Richard Gottfried, Rodneyse Bichotte, and Maritza Davila-Amador were among the lawmakers charged.

Everyone who was arrested was issued appearance tickets for the City of Albany County split among June 10, June 11 and June 12.

The following were arrested, according to NYSP:

New member phone bank


New member phone bank Public · Hosted by Communist Party USA.

Saturday, April 15, 2017 at 11 AM - 4 PM EDT

Your living room

We're organizing a phonebank to our new members on Saturday and we need your help. The callfire service allow you to make the calls from home, using your smartphone, laptop or deskstop. You'll get a real charge from talking to them! Aint' nuthin like it!! Please click "going" if you can make calls! Thanks!

Those invited to participate on on Facebook included Estevan Nembhard.

CPUSA Environmental Action

CPUSA Environmental Action is a Facebook closed group. It is "a meeting place for members and friends of the Communist Party USA to discuss environmental issues (especially climate change), share information, and coordinate activities".

As of June 21, 2017 members included Estevan Nembhard;[9]