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Erika Zurawski is Assistant Director of Events and Administration at University of Wisconsin Law School.

She is married to Chris Albers-Smith.

2005 Colombia student delegation

Meredith Aby of Fightback! interviewed Marty Hoerth, Erika Zurawski, and Tsione Wolde-Michael, part of a June 2004 student delegation from Minnesota and Montana to recently tour Colombia, organised by Colombia Action Network and Community Action for Justice in the Americas.[1]

Back to Colombia

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army (FARC-EP) is the largest rebel group in Colombia. Freedom Road Socialist Organization/FightBack! members Kosta Harlan and Erika Zurawski recently traveled to the rebel held territory and met with commanders of the FARC-EP. Fight Back! interviewed these American revolutionaries to discuss the struggle in Colombia.[2]

2017 immigration protest



The Minnesota Immigrant Rights Action Committee (MIRAC) and the Minnesota Poor People's Campaign rallied, May 22 2018, while 18 individuals blocked both traffic into the building and also the light rail outside of the Whipple Federal Building before being arrested. They were calling for an end to mass deportations and other anti-immigrant policies.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is housed in the Whipple Building. It’s the last stop for immigrants before being ripped away from their families and communities through deportation. There have been more than 3 million deportations in the last ten years, and the current administration’s dehumanizing anti-immigrant rhetoric and actions are rapidly worsening the human rights crisis for immigrants and their communities.

MIRAC member Erika Zurawski was one of the 18 people arrested today. After being released, she said, “Today there was no business as usual for ICE’s deportation machine in Minnesota. 18 of us put our bodies on the line to stand in solidarity with the immigrant families being torn apart every day by ICE. Today we declared ‘no more deportations’ in Minnesota, and we’ll keep fighting until there’s legalization and full equality for all.”[3]


March 27, 2008 Police say they arrested two dozen people at an anti-war rally on the University of Minnesota campus today.

Those arrested blocked the entrance to a National Guard recruiting office near campus.

The arrests happened after about 200 students and others rallied in opposition to the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq. Many of the protesters marched through campus and down University Avenue before collecting at the three military recruiting centers on the University campus.

Organizer Erika Zurawski with New Students for a Democratic Society said she hopes the demonstration spurs some action that gets students' attention.[4]


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