Erika Grohoski Peralta

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Erika Grohoski Peralta

Erika Grohoski Peralta is a Miami Florida activist.


Studied Sociology at George Washington University


Brand New Congress

in 2016 Erika Grohoski Peralta was a board member of Brand New Congress.

Meeting Tom Steyer

Tomas Kennedy May 1 2018:


‪It was a pleasure meeting Tom Steyer from NextGen America and discuss with him and amazing community leaders issues affecting our immigrant communities.‬ — with Sharon Kegerreis, Lolalegriamaria Rodz, Erika Grohoski Peralta, Marleine Bastien and Santcha Etienne at Little Haiti Cultural Complex.

Win Justice Community Organizer Training

Melissa Morales July 31, 2018:

Win Justice Community Organizer Training 2018! Because you can't save the world alone.

  1. WinJusticeLeague — with Irwin Cineus, Tomas Kennedy, Charles Ridley, Jackie Jahosky, Julio Calderon, Candice Fortin, Erika Grohoski Peralta, Jacquelyn Estinfort, John Muhammad, Ashley Green, Jabaar Edmond, Meghan Cottrell, Siottis Jackson, Luis Cerros, Petar Marinov, Angie Nixon, Christian Gonzalez-Orbegoso, Laura Goodhue, Hal Gentil, Laura Hernandez, Lauren Brenzel and Amy Busefink.

Florida Bernie comrades

Jamie Friend November 19, 2016:

  1. wearebernie — with Hillary Keyes, Veronica Wolski, Isabel Loaiza, Andrea Perez, Nicole Sauvageau, Tim Canova, Ellen Harriet Brodsky, Robin Diane Adler, Joe Kreps, Julian Ospina, Dawn Grayson, Farbod Tehranian, Diana Burnet, Lupe Murray, Doreen Michele Dupont, Michaelangelo Hamilton, Erika Grohoski Peralta, Chip Richard Sullivan and Brian Stetten.

Gillum's Miami comrades

Andrea Perez August 13 2018.

I had the opportunity to meet mayor Andrew Gillum last year. We had a great conversation about the future of our state and his campaign for Governor.

He is the most progressive candidate on the democratic primary. He embraced Bernie’s Medicare for All plan and believes that healthcare should be a fundamental right, not a privilege. His platform also includes criminal justice reform, rebuilding o... See More


— with Tomas Kennedy, William Byatt, Erika Grohoski Peralta, Zenia Perez, Andrew Gillum and Geoff Campbell.



Erika Grohoski Peralta, January 11; ·

With Carlos Jesus Calzadilla Palacio, Allan AJ Nichols, Dwight Bullard, Julian Ospina, Stefano Pena, Geoff Campbell, Sanjay Patel, Zenia Perez, Victor Nieto, Dawn Abate, Deltravis Lamont Williams and Tomas Kennedy.

People's Progressive Caucus of Miami-Dade

Tomas Kennedy January 15, 2017 ·


Meeting of the People's Progressive Caucus of Miami-Dade at our community picnic. What a privilege it is to build community with these folks. — with Geoff Campbell, Erika Grohoski Peralta, Andrea Perez, Alexa Lubin, William Byatt, Zenia Perez, Mark Bernstein and Gregory Saint-Jean.

Progressive Democrats


Erika Grohoski Peralta, January 2, 2017;

With Andrea Perez, Tomas Kennedy, Daniela Martins, Erin Berry, Lexa Lubin, Zenia Perez and Gregory Saint-Jean.