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Eric Stoltz is a Texas activist.

Council run

Our Revolution - El Paso· October 23, 2018 ·

Early voting has started, and El Paso is doing great with record-breaking turnout. Our commitment to change starts locally. El Paso billionaires have thrown their money into our city council elections, and it's our turn to fight back with our votes!


Our Revolution - El Paso endorses the following candidates for their commitment to progressive values and the well-being of working El Pasoans:

Texas DSA - Red State Rising

On March 16, 2017 Eric Stoltz was a member of the Texas DSA - Red State Rising closed Facebook group.[1]

Closed Facebook group


Democratic Socialists of America - El Chuco del Norte, Closed Facebook group as of May 3, 2017;[2] Admins

Friends and comrades

Ashley Rodriguez‎ Democratic Socialists of America - El Chuco del Norte. April 30, 2016:


El Chuco del Norte DSA with our friends at Radical Soup and the UTEP Black Student Union, showing our solidarity with the Verizon Wireless workers on strike! ✊ #StandUp2VZ — with Alberto Aguirre Aguilar, Sebastian Martinez, Nicholas Vasquez, Eric Stoltz, Gabriel Solis and Alex Vallediaz.

Early comrades

Ashley RodriguezDemocratic Socialists of America - El Chuco del Norte April 10, 2016:


With Jesse Soria, Madison Garcia, Rodolfo Apolinar Parra, Nicholas Vasquez, Eric Stoltz, Chris Abilez, Israel Williams, Franky Doodle, Alexander Burnside, Natasha Acevedo and Thomas Rowland.

El Paso DSA public group


Administrators Jesse Soria, Eric Stoltz, Elena Alejandra.