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Eric Ruder was a member of International Socialist Organization.[1]

Editorial and production staff

Socialist Worker Editorial and production staff 2019 Dorian Bon, Nicole Colson, Danny Katch, Eric Kerl, Alan Maass, Khury Petersen-Smith, Eric Ruder and Elizabeth Schulte.

Science for the People Statement on the Green New Deal

Science for the People Statement on the Green New Deal was issued by Science for the People circa early 2019.

Signatories included Eric Ruder.

Socialism 2018

Eric Ruder was a speaker at Socialism 2018, an annual socialist gathering sponsored by the International Socialist Organization held in Chicago, Illinois in July 2018.[2] Go to the main page of ISO Socialism Conference...

'Mobilizations to Stop Brett Kavanaugh

Andrew Abreu, Terry Classen, Mer McIntyre, Khadija Mehter, Ernest Reed, Michael Shallal and Thomas Valtin-Erwin contributed to an article by Eric Ruder posted on October 4, 2018 at International Socialist Organization's related to "mobilizations to stop Brett Kavanaugh" across the country.[3]

New York City

"The protest was organized on two days’ notice and was a joint effort of several organizations, including the International Socialist Organization, Democratic Socialists of America, National Women's Liberation, New York City for Abortion Rights and others."

Kaylin Kaupish of National Women's Liberation Sydney Kinsey, Democratic Socialists of America member Kelly Gilbert, Alexandra, a member of the socialist feminist working group of New York City Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), Christine Pardue of NYC for Abortion Rights, and Spenser Rapone attended the New York City mobilization.

Washington, D.C.

"The event was organized by the Women's March.


"Democratic Party politicians, including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, spoke from the front of the rally, joined by survivors and leaders of various advocacy organizations." The event took place where Jeff Flake was speaking at a Forbes event sponsored by Emerson College.

Attendees included Rebecca Hart Holder, director of NARAL Pro-Choice Massachusetts,

"A handful of Emerson College students organized the event via Facebook after media announcements of Flake’s appearance at the college’s Colonial Theatre. Later, NARAL, Planned Parenthood and other liberal groups followed the students’ lead and threw their weight behind the protest.
“We spoke up, and because of our voices, Emerson College canceled their contract with Forbes in only a few short hours,” said Ann Swauger, a senior at Emerson College, to applause. “If that is possible, anything is, even stopping [Kavanaugh’s] confirmation to the Supreme Court.”

Portland, Oregon

"In Portland, Oregon, the outrage was palpable among the 200 people who attended a “Believe Her” speak-out and march on short notice. Speakers shared their stories of sexual assault and their fury at Brett Kavanaugh’s disgusting performance during the hearing a week earlier.

While there were several calls to go to the polls in November, both on signs, and from state Sen. Lew Frederick, protesters expressed the most enthusiasm for immediate mass demonstrations, before the Senate vote takes place."

Syracuse, New York

"Students Advancing Sexual Safety and Empowerment (SASSE) and the ISO together organized a speak-out of about 100 on the Syracuse University campus, while another speak-out took place downtown."

Madison, Wisconsin

"I’m angry that we keep being told to watch, listen and wait,” said ISO member Hayley A. as she kicked off the speak-out. “We watched and we listened. But we will not wait. We will not wait for an FBI investigation to determine the fate of lives. We will not wait while right wingers terrorize abortion clinics. We cannot wait."

Amherst, Massachusetts

"In Amherst, Massachusetts, the ISO, UMass Students for Reproductive Justice (USRJ), CEPA (the activist wing of undergraduate student government) and the UMass chapter of Our Revolution joined forces to hold an October 2 anti-Kavanaugh rally that drew 80 people, despite the rain." The ACLU and ISO member Meghan Lemay were referenced.

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