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Emory Douglas

Center for Political Education

In 2007 Emory Douglas gave a presentation of his revolutionary artwork in an art showing entitled: "Revolutionary Art: New work from the San Francisco Print Collective with Presentation by Artist Emory Douglas". This was an exhibition of work from the SF Print Collective political poster-making class, slideshow and Q&A with former minister of culture for the Black Panther Party Emory Douglas and special guest appearances by five of the SF Eight, former Black Panthers and community leaders arrested in January on 36-year old charges, based on confessions extracted by torture. The classes were held at the San Francisco based Center for Political Education, an organization closely associated with the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism.[1]

Free Mumia Abu-Jamal

In 2008 Emory Douglas, Revolutionary Artist; Minister of Culture, Black Panther Party, San Francisco, CA signed a statement circulated by the Partisan Defense Committee calling for the release of convicted “cop-killer” Mumia Abu-Jamal.[2]

Bus hours protest

Gabriel Strachota April 3, 2012:


Click the link http://bit.ly/HGjG0P Email the Federal Transit Administration and call on them to mandate LA Metro to give us back our million hours of bus service. Reshare! — with Haewon Asfaw, Manuel Criollo, Nicole Eng, Emilie Blattman Costello, Patrisse Cullors, Steggie Hufstedler, Emory Douglas, Cynthia Azali-Rojas, Alejandra Lemus, Francesca Contreras, Dae-Han Song, Jas Wade, Kitzia Esteva, Ashley Franklin, Chantal Coudoux, Rebecca Eleanor, Raquel Romao, Damon Gbuduala Azali-Rojas, John Bell, Snad Garrett, Tammy Bang Luu, Carla Gonzalez, Kelly Archbold, Tekoah B. Flory, Frankie Darling Palacios, Ron Gochez, Simone Andrews, Crystal McMillan, Nati C. Poder, Ami Patel, Kalil Cohen, Sunyoung Yang, Ash-Lee Henderson and Bus Riders Union.

Where do we go from here?

Eric Mar October 21, 2016.


Join us this weekend! from our '66 movements over 50 years to the present: Where do we go from here?http://www.bpp50th.com/conference-tickets-information/ Looking foward to seeing brother Richard Moore of Black Berets/SWOP/SNEEJ, Pam Tau Lee of Chinese Progressive Association/Red Guard/IWK, LA Brown Beret Founders Carlos Montes and Cruz Olmeida, my teachers from New College and the NLG Paul Harris & Stephen Bingham, Fallon Young Patriots, Young Lords, Indigenous leaders, youth, Danny Glover, Davey D, Ricky Vincent, Digital Underground, Emory Douglas, John Carlos, X-Clan and many others!

Palestine delegation

US Prisoner, Labor and Academic Delegation with colleagues from the Institute for Women's Studies at Birzeit University, Birzeit, Palestine, March 29, 2016
At a moment of growing resistance to state violence and injustice the world over, a delegation of nineteen anti-prison, labor and scholar-activists from the United States traveled to Palestine in March 2016. Our delegation included former US-held political prisoners and social prisoners, former Black Panther Party members, prison abolitionists, trade unionists and university professors. We are the first US delegation to Palestine to focus specifically on political imprisonment and solidarity between Palestinian and US prisoners. Our delegation also focused on recent labor struggles in Palestine for bread and dignity, and on the struggles of Palestinian intellectuals to assert the rightful claims of Indigenous Palestinians to their land, culture and history.

Old comrades

Jeff Chop May 6 2018:


Badasses - revolutionaries from the front lines- Emory Douglas-Black Panther Party Minister of Culture, Greg Morozumi- I Wor Kuen/League of Revolutionary Struggle and Alex Hing- Red Guard Party/League of Revolutionary Struggle. "We are working for a world of peace, where the needs of the people come first, which is without class distinctions and is based upon the love and unity of all peoples." — with Emory Douglas, Greg Morozumi and Alex Hing in Oakland, California.