Emmy Ruiz

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Emmy Ruiz

Emmy Ruiz is the sister of Isaac Ruiz and daughter of Emma Ruiz.


Inclusv Advisory Board members, as of May 12, 2018 included Emmy Ruiz.

Presidential campaign staffer

In February 2019 Sen. Kamala Harris added several women of color to her presidential campaign team.

Emmy Ruiz, a political strategist who served as Hillary Clinton’s state director in Nevada and Colorado in 2016, will be a senior adviser to Harris. Ruiz will counsel the campaign on electoral, political and field strategy.

Ruiz was a field director for the Democratic National Committee in Texas and Nevada in 2012 before serving as President Barack Obama’s Nevada state director during the general election. Her experience includes serving as political director of Annie’s List in Texas and campaign manager for comprehensive immigration reform at Organizing for Action.

Colorado team

Emmy Ruiz October 31, 2016 ·


We got a care package from our HQ pod!! — with Allison Zelman, Laura Derrick, Anna Korman, Emma Ruiz, Tyler Mounsey, Natalie Montelongo, Hans Goff, Felicity Pereyra, Nichole Sessego, Alan Salazar, Lisa Changadveja, Cara Bernard, Han Nguyen, Cheska Mae Perez, Ian Rivera and Alana Mounce.

Hillary for Colorado

Emmy Ruiz August 29, 2016:


Happy Monday from Hillary for Colorado! 💕💕💕 — with Han Nguyen, Miranda Barrie, Natalie Montelongo, Cara Bernard, Emma Ruiz, Cheska Mae Perez, Gabriel Uy, Henry Engelstein, Nick Canfield, Ernesto Apreza and Alana Mounce.

Hillary for Nevada

Emmy Ruiz September 3, 2015:


Be still my heart. This is the team that is going to deliver NV for Hillary! — with Anatole Jenkins, Joel Wanger, Eric Taylor, Alana Mounce, Michelle White, Natalie Montelongo, Amanda Clarke, Phil Kim and Han Nguyen.