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Emma Smith

Emma Smith has been a member of the Communist Party USA since mid-2018. She is an English and Philosophy major at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.[1]

Smith is studying English with teacher licensing at UNC Greensboro. She has been a member of the North Carolina chapter of the CPUSA since mid-2018. Emma has been involved with setting up the Rootstocks presentation series to help educate the public about what communism is and why it is beneficial. She has also been leading a project in her hometown of Greensboro to set up an alternative voting method that might strengthen democracy. Beyond this, she is setting up the N.C. People’s Coalition that will bring leftist groups together to help further the goal of ending exploitation and capitalism.[2]

The Specter!

What is The Specter? In this podcast, young organizers and activists of the Communist Party USA explore politics, social justice, and culture through the Marxist lens using scientific research, observation, and participation in working class movements.

Each week brings a race, gender, and class analysis that force a closer look at the dangers of capitalism and the immediate need for socialism. These organic, insightful and powerful conversations are held with comrades, influencers, and diverse local and national leaders.

Presenters include Maicol David Lynch, Susie Davtyan, Aleena Starks, Zach Carlson, Emma Smith, Molly Nagin, Cameron Orr.[3]