Emma Jenson

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Emma Jenson

Executive Board

The following individuals are serving as the California Democratic Party Progressive Caucus’s executive board for the 2019-2021 term.

Standing for AD 73

In 2019 Emma Jenson stood from AD 73 for the California Cemocratic Party central Committee.

I knocked on my first door in late May of 2016 for Senator Bernie Sanders. One week later, after having been registered to vote for 17 years as “No Party Preference,” I voted in my first ever presidential primary. Seven months later, on January 8th, 2017, I registered as a Democrat so that I could cast my vote in our Assembly Delegate Election Meeting (ADEM) for Assembly District 73. I had sat 17 years with a sense of voicelessness in the political process – a sense that my vote didn’t matter, especially to the Democratic Party. By showing up that day to vote for 5 individuals who recognized that feeling of voicelessness, reached out, and bridged that 17 year divide between personal passion and party politics, I suddenly became part of a movement; a movement to “democratize” the Democratic Party. On Saturday, January 26th, 2019, I am asking for you to do the same: show up, speak loud, and cast your vote for me to be your Executive Board Representative and delegate to the California Democratic Party, as well as for the 9 other remarkable individuals with whom I have the honor of running along side on the Unity in the Community Slate.[1]