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Emily Baker-White's Twitter Profile as of July 10 2019

Emily Baker-White is an activist attorney based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who founded the Plain View Project. She was an "Organization-Based Fellowship" grant recipient in 2015-2016 from Harvard's Public Service Venture Fund, which awards "up to $1 million in grants every year to Harvard Law graduates pursuing careers in public service."[1]

According to her Twitter profile, Emily Baker-White studies "criminal justice, hate, disinformation, social media".

National Coverage of the Plain View Project: "a pervasive sub-culture of bigotry"

Emily Baker-White Retweets Adam Miller's thread on the Plain View Project (Screenshot)

Adam Miller, who describes himself as Emily Baker-White's "partner" on the Plain View Project, claimed that alleged racist Facebook posts expose "a pervasive sub-culture of bigotry" in police departments.[2] The "findings" were "detailed in an investigative feature published jointly by Injustice Watch and BuzzFeed News."[3]

From Kayla Epstein of the Washington Post:

"After matching published employee rosters with Facebook profiles, and examining the public posts those individuals made, the project found thousands of Facebook posts and comments that ran the gamut from racist memes to conspiracy theories to bombastic expressions of violence. Several expressed the desire to use a taser or deadly force on suspects, actions that have brought law enforcement under scrutiny in recent years and sparked nationwide protests against police brutality.
“Instead of hands up don’t shoot, how about pull your pants up don’t loot!” read a meme that depicted the late African American singer Sammy Davis Jr. in an apparent dig at the Black Lives Matter movement. The image was shared on Facebook in 2015 by a captain in the Philadelphia Police Department.
“What a POS, firing squad,” a man PVP identified as a Philadelphia police officer commented beneath a news story about a man who shot an elderly woman.
“Too bad this MF didn’t resist and meet a very violent and painful demise. Would have saved the taxpayers a LOT of money,” reads a Facebook post by a man identified as a former officer from York, Pa., who was sharing the news of a black man’s arrest in the killing of a police detective.


Verbatim from her Public Service Venture Fund bio: [4]

"As a staff attorney, Emily will defend death row inmates in post-conviction appellate proceedings at the CHU for the Federal Community Defender Office of the Eastern District of Philadelphia, where she interned in her third year. As a law clerk there, she drafted a brief in Opposition to Certiorari to the Supreme Court and sections of a federal district court habeas petition. She has also interned at Americans United for the Separation of Church and State and at the Juvenile Law Center in Philadelphia. At Harvard, she worked as a student attorney at the Legal Aid Bureau and was a research assistant to Hon. Nancy Gertner. Emily graduated with a B.A. in Politics from Oberlin College and Conservatory, and was a recipient of a Harry S. Truman Scholarship."