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Eliza Booth is a Lancaster Pennsylvania activist. Eliza Booth was inspired by the Bernie Sanders’ primary campaign to get involved in activism in her local community to affect positive change. She started out as a volunteer for Bernie Sanders’ campaign and after the general election in 2016 she got involved in Lancaster Stands Up and joined the leadership team in January 2017. She currently holds a seat on the Lancaster City Democratic Committee where she represents her home precinct. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Administration & Political Science from Bloomsburg University. [1]

Lancaster Stands Up

“After Trump’s election, I knew I had to do something,” says Eliza Booth, a 39-year-old black woman, lifelong Lancaster resident, and member of the group’s leadership committee. “I needed to get involved and plug in instead of staying at home and being depressed.”

A passionate Bernie Sanders supporter, Booth worked on his campaign during the Democratic primary and says she still believes he would have beat Trump in the general election. But Sanders didn’t make it that far and Trump, whom she describes as “a monster,” made it all the way to the White House. Like so many others, the outcome shocked and dismayed her.

A few days after the election, though, Booth saw a flyer announcing an emergency mass meeting in town. She decided to attend and found a huge turnout. At least 250 people were there. They had come to vent their anger and share their anxieties, to talk to their neighbors and plot a progressive comeback. It was the debut of Lancaster Stands Up, and Booth was smitten. Since then, she has spent 10, sometimes 20 hours a week volunteering for the group on top of her full-time job.

“It makes me feel so inspired every day,” she says. “It makes me feel less alone in the fight.”

Lancaster Stands Up Leadership Team

Lancaster Stands Up: the handful of folks who called for the initial emergency community meeting November 2016 has since then developed into a multiracial and multigenerational 11-person coordinating team, which includes Eliza Booth, Rafael Diaz, Amber Farward, Evan Gentry, Michelle Hines, Daniel Levin, Claudia Paz, Jonathan Smucker, Susan Wenger, Ismail Yoder Salim, and Melanie Yoder Salim (previous members who served: Amanda Kemp, Nick Martin, Becca Rast, Nelly Torres).

Since May, our Leadership Team has been preparing our next steps—how to move from protest to political power. We have been polling our base and talking with volunteers to figure out how to move this important work forward. We have been developing a clearer and more sustainable structure to allow LSU members to contribute their time, energy, passions, and gifts for the work ahead.[2]

Beyond the Choir/Lancaster Stands Up

Lancaster Stands Up is a member-led organization. Our staff work to support our member leaders throughout Lancaster County with base-building, campaigning, leadership development, and much more.

We are very grateful for our partnership with Beyond the Choir, which in 2018, hired three full-time organizers to support the ongoing work of Lancaster Stands Up and specifically the development of a door-to-door canvass operation to elect Jess King and down-ballot state house and senate candidates.

Beyond the Choir Staff

Beyond the Choir staff November 2018:[4]