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Elaine Peterson is a San Francisco area activist.

Heads Up Collective members

Members of the Heads Up Collective have included Brooke Atherton El-Amine, Max Toth, Laura McNeill, Elaine Peterson, Kerry Levenberg, Amie Fishman, Clare Bayard, Eric Romann, Rahula Janowski, Mel Pilbin Baiser, Libbey Goldberg, Josh Connor, Marc Mascarenhas-Swan, Cory Schmanke Parrish, Sierra Spingarn, Dara Silverman, Jeff Giaquinto, Jamie Spector, Julia Allen, Sasha Vodnik, Cathy Rion Starr, and Becca Tumposky.[1]

Human rights awareness forum

Speakers from Stanford and Bay Area organizations urged students to take responsibility for the treatment of fellow humans at a human rights awareness forum yesterday afternoon in White Plasa. The forum, which lasted more than an hour, featured speakers from Friends of Tibet, the Stanford Park Hotel and the Human Rights Defense Committee of San Jose. Gary Wood, a member of the committee, welcomed listeners, saying that the purpose of the forum was to create a sense of "collective responsibility and campus awareness." Wood said the forum would address the "first human right" — the right to life. Speaker Socorro Zapien — who was fired from Lafayette Park, a hotel in the Stanford Park Hotel chain — spoke on the "abuses and injustices" she saw everyday at the hotel.

Elaine Peterson, an active member of the Hotel and Restaurant Workers' Union, exhorted students to boycott the Stanford Park Hotel. A representative of Cop Watch, Cornelius Hall, spoke about a fatal police shooting during which his son was shot in the back of the head. He told students to "stand up" for their rights and "refuse to be abused."[2]