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Eileen Klehr is the sister of Harvey Klehr.

October League

Speakers from the Organizing Committee for a Marxist-Leninist Party toured nine cities in August 1976, addressing the tasks ahead in building the party. Well over 1,200 people attended these forums.

Speaking in Boston to a crowd of 250 people made up largely of workers, OL Vice-Chairman Eileen Klehr pointed out the continuing role of ideological struggle in the organizational work of party building.

The Boston forum heard Shakoor Aljuwani of the Buffalo Unity Collective and a representative of the recently-formed Boston Unity Collective, as well as a cultural presentation that based itself on the struggle of communists to organize inside the St. Regis plant.

The theme of consolidating the political struggle with organizational unity was also addressed by Barry Litt of the League for Marxist-Leninist Unity, speaking in San Diego as a representative of the October League. Litt said Marxist-Leninists who support the “Call to Unite” should “enter the OC and struggle for a correct political line to be reflected in the Party program. We recognize the differences in our movement, but we also know that a high degree of unity now exists.”

Over 150 people in Birmingham and Atlanta heard speeches by Susan Klonsky of the October League and Ernie McMillan of the Dallas Collective. In his remarks, McMillan summed up the civil rights movement which he participated in as a leader of SNCC. He pointed out the militancy of the masses in the ’60s, but noted that it was the absence of a vanguard party which allowed the movement to be co-opted by reformism.

Sherman Miller, was the October League speaker in Chicago.[1]


On the formation of the Communist Party USA (Marxist-Leninist) in 1977, Eileen Klehr was vice chairman and Mike Klonsky was party chairman[2].


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