Ed Rendell

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Ed Rendell

Communist support

From a report to the National Committee of the Communist Party USA November 16, 2002, New York City.[1]

In both Eastern and Western Pennsylvania support was given to one or more Green candidates for state legislature. Eastern Pennsylvania worked with Green Governor candidate Mike Morrill and report that he played a positive role and was publicly credited with influencing Democrat Ed Rendell on some issues. Western Pennsylvania (Communist Party) worked with labor for Rendell and wrote: 'While he is a conservative Democrat, Rendell is obligated to a progressive base. He has already made a representative of these supporters as part of the transition team.... The Green candidate was not a player in the Governor race.'

Apollo Alliance

In 2006, Ed Rendell, served on the National Advisory Board of the Apollo Alliance.[2]

Blue Green Alliance

The Blue Green Alliance sponsors the annual Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference. The 2010 conference was held from May. 4-6, 2010.

Conference speakers included:[3]


“As Governor and on behalf of all Pennsylvanians, I thank everyone involved with CAIR-PA for your commitment to serving the needs of our commonwealth’s Muslim community and building a stronger, more united Pennsylvania.”- former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D) (April 2007).[4]