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Donald Donato

Donald Donato has worked with community-based organizations in support of economic, social, and cultural rights for over 20 years, and currently serves as a social services area planner in the Boston area.

He is ‎Director of Planning & Development at Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services.

His planning research of agrotowns was recently published by International Critical Thought (Routledge). Donald writes for People’s World and is a member of the National Writers Union-UAW / Local 1981. He is currently Organizing Secretary of Walden Workers Club, CPUSA-Massachusetts.[1]

Married to Maggie McNeely.

Recruiting Congresswoman

According to local contact Donald Donato, in 2000, South Florida Democratic Socialists of America Organizing Committee, "will be holding a General Meeting in September to formally constitute itself as a DSA Local and will soon have a website up and running. We have identified several key people for the five-member coordinating committee that will be the platform and medium for our action plan, including one congresswoman from Miami, Carrie Meek, who is a Steering Committee member of the Progressive Caucus. Our immediate goal is to deal with the overall problem of a lack of a forceful and thriving, public political left in the Sunshine State". [2]

CPUSA 31st National Convention resolution



WHEREAS humanity faces mounting existential threats from imperialist aggressions and environmental and public-health breakdowns, and

WHEREAS capitalism creates these threats and cannot stop their escalation. and

WHEREAS only the world working class can lead initiatives among the oppressed masses to decisively address these threats, and

WHEREAS labor’s organizations worldwide, including our parties, unions, and states, have identical interests in the global class struggle,

BE IT RESOLVED that the 31st National Convention direct the International Department of the Communist Party USA to support efforts to identify the strengths and shortcomings of international communism from the Comintern to the contemporary international movement of our parties worldwide, and to address the implications for international transition from capitalism to socialism.

Submitted by Sandra Rosen, Emile Schepers, Cameron Orr, John Womack, Donald Donato, Gary Hicks, and Wadih Halabi.[3]

Walden Workers Club

Walden Workers Club of the Communist Party USA.


Donald Donato, center, Byron Savage, right.

Liu Cheng 2018 American tour


Liu Cheng, Professor of Law and Politics at Shanghai Normal University, is making a tour de force of the U.S. He’s meeting with top labor activists, government officials, and academics, promoting what he describes as a much-needed labor exchange effort to familiarize union workers from China and the U.S. with each other and with their shared challenges.

In addition to his academic work, Professor Liu is Director of the Center for the Study of Chinese Labor Issues and President of the Asian Society of Labor Law. He was an adviser to the Chinese government during the drafting of the 2008 Labor Contract Law, which was adopted by the National People’s Congress in 2007 and went into effect the following year. This new labor law tightened restrictions on private companies and boosted the power of labor unions throughout China. U.S. monopolies and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in China unsuccessfully lobbied to water down the 2008 law while it was under discussion. Liu testified before the U.S. Congress about their meddling, which awakened some influential labor activists here to a much more nuanced and complex understanding of labor relations in China.

Liu’s visit to the Boston area included a special presentation on the conditions and consciousness of the Chinese working class at the Center for Marxist Education in Cambridge and a dinner hosted by the Walden Workers Club of the Communist Party USA in Central Massachusetts on August 19. He participated in substantive talks with the Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health in Boston and a labor roundtable hosted by the Harvard Labor-Worklife Program in Cambridge on August 20.



In 2016, Donald Donato, Boston, was a regular contributor to the Communist Party USA's Peoples World.


Donald Donato at the Center for Marxist Education

in 2016 Donald Donato, was one of the Center for Marxist Education’s staffers.[4]