Don Franks

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Don Franks
Don Franks

Don Franks is a former member of the Workers Communist League. Lives in Wellington, New Zealand.


  • Studied at Te Herenga Waka—Victoria University of Wellington
  • Went to Hutt Valley High School

Redline blog

In February 2011 a minority section of the former leadership of the Workers Party of New Zealand, including former National Secretary Daphna Whitmore, former National Organiser Philip Ferguson and former ’Spark’ Co-ordinating Editor Don Franks announced their decision to leave the organisation. In June 2011 these individuals joined with other former members of the Workers’ Party to launch an on-line publication entitled Redline.[1]

Redline is about developing an alternative vision to capitalism. We recognise there is no possibility of building a Marxist working class party in the current conditions in New Zealand of low horizons and little fightback. We aim to use the tools of Marxism to provide analysis of what is going on and, where possible, give a positive lead.

The blog editorial collective are: Don Franks, Philip Ferguson, Daphna Whitmore, Mark Muller, Nick Scullin, Tim Leadbeater, and Susanne Kemp.[2]

Flatting comrades


In 1984 Don Franks, Kate O'Malley, Harold Merriman and Paulette Keating all flatted together in a flat at 29 Moir St.

Anti-tour protester


Don Franks, Virginia Adams and Paulette Keating.

Contributors to Issue 1

Contributors to the production of Issue 1 The Paper July 1973 were Trevor Richards, Roger Steele, Graeme Collins, Mike Law, Sandy Lonsdale, Meg Bailey, Don Franks, Gyles Beckford, Peter Boshier, Warwyck Dewe, Les Atkins, Rob Campbell, Peter Wilson, Gordon Clifton, Keith Stewart, Peter Franks, Rona Bailey, Lisa Sacksen, with editorial onus on Ted Sheehan and Jim Delahunty.