Dion Gullion

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Dion Gullion

Dion Gullion is an Austin Texas activist.


Studies at Austin Community College District



Dion Gullion is a self proclaimed Communist Party USA activist.

Athlete, musician, metalhead, sports fan, CPUSA activist and organizer, and anime fan"
Studies at Austin Community College District
Lives in Austin, Texas
It's complicated
From Austin, Texas

Texas Comrades


Bernard Sampson, May 29 2017;·

With David Durbin, Dion Gullion and Misuzu Sampson.

Bernard Sampson me,my wife and some Austin comrades

Communist Party of Travis County

The Communist Party of Travis County was formed in March 2017. The three club leaders are Dion Gullion, Henry D. Brown, and David Durbin.[1]

United Socialists initiative

United Socialists initiative is a Houston based Facebook group, run mainly by the Communist Party USA, but open to other leftist tendencies.

This group is for left unity. All factions of leftists welcome for open debate and forum discussion

United Socialists initiative closed Facebook group members, as of December 13, 2017 included Dion Gullion. [2]


In 2018 Dion Gullion left the Communist Party USA to join the Party of Communists, USA.