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Dick Walker

Memorial to Martin Chancey

In 1981, Grace Doucette, Andy Feenberg, Anne Marie Feenberg, Virginia Franco, Ruth Heifetz, Muriel Jencks, Clint Jencks, Dorie Koppelman, Wally Koppelman, Fred Lonadier, Nick Nichols, Trudy Robideau, Herb Shore, Dave Strom, Jackie Tunberg, Bill Tunberg and Dick Walker signed a memorial to Martin Chancey for his work with the New American Movement.[1]

Center for Political Education

In 2001 Dick Walker, professor at the University of California and Chair of the California Studies Center gave a talk entitled: "How New Is the “New Economy”? An Analysis of the Current State of the Economy". The talk was held at the San Francisco based Center for Political Education, an organization closely associated with the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism.[2]

UC Berkeley Labor Center

In 2009 Dick Walker of University of California, Berkeley served on the advisory board of UC Berkeley Labor Center.[3]