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Diane Wong is an Assistant Professor and Faculty Fellow in the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University. As a first-generation Chinese American born and raised in Flushing, Queens in New York City, her work is intimately tied to the Asian diaspora and urban immigrant experience. Her current research focuses on intergenerational resistance to gentrification in New York City, San Francisco, and Boston Chinatowns. Her work draws from a unique combination of methods including ethnography, participatory mapping, archival research, virtual reality, and oral history interviews with tenants, community organizers, restaurant and garment workers, small businesses, public health workers, and local artists. Her research has been appeared in Urban Affairs Review, Asian American Policy Review, Push/Pulland a variety of books, journals, anthologies, and podcasts. As a multimedia storyteller and cultural organizer, Diane also works closely with groups like the CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities, Chinatown Tenants Union, Chinatown Art Brigade, and The W.O.W. Project.[1]

2020 Leadership Committee

Asian American Feminist Collective 2020:

Salonee Bhaman, Julie Ae Kim, Rachel Kuo, Senti Sojwal, Tiffany Diane Tso.

We are grateful to the leadership, ideas, activism, time and labor of Marion Aguas, Connie Cho, AC Dumlao, Jenn Fang, Adrienne Favis, Sarmishta Govindhan, Shahana Hanif, Caitlin Ho, Jolene Hsu, Marilla Li, Aenea Liang, Thahitun Mariam, Eunice Ok, Alison Roh Park, Annie Pei, Samantha Seid, Anique Singer, Annie Tan, Vivian Truong, Diane Wong, Julia Yang-Winkenbach, Stephanie Yim, Kate Zen and also the many people who contributed to the initial call to edit our definition and manifesto document.[2]

#Asians4BlackLives: Notes from the Ground

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May Fu, Simmy Makhijani, Anh-Thu Pham, Meejin Richart, Joanne Tien & Diane Wong.

The editorial collective wishes to acknowledge the following people for their contributions to this article: Anita de Asis, Cynthia Fong, Cat Fung, Jasmin Hoo, Kubo Ikino, Fei Mok, Juliana Hu Pegues, Caitlin Peng, Mark Tseng-Putterman, Sammie Ablaza Wills, and Eunha Jeong Wood.