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Diane Burkholder

Diane Burkholder is the Lead Evaluator at the Kansas City CARE Clinic. She serves on the agency’s Cultural Diversity and Equity Committee and is Vice Chairperson of Kansas City’s HIV Planning Council’s Assessment and Comprehensive Plan Committee. She believes in the importance of positively impacting her community through activism and is an advocate on issues concerning youth and young adults, women, and the Queer community. She’s previously worked as an HIV/AIDS and STI advocate as well as an education and employment counselor for teens and young adults. Diane currently co-moderates the Kansas City Freethinkers of Color – a group dedicated to creating safe spaces and community for non-religious people of color – and the Kansas City Mixed Roots for mixed-race individuals and families. In October 2014, she co-founded One Struggle KC, in response to the events taking place in Ferguson, MO and the 43 missing students of Ayotzinapa, Gurrero, Mexico.[1]

One Struggle KC

Calling for a new dialogue among various oppressed communities in Kansas City, One Struggle KC will host a report back and panel discussion of the events surrounding the murder of unarmed teen Michael Brown and the ongoing uprising in Ferguson, Missouri on Thursday, November 6th. The event is being organized by One Struggle KC and those attending will be urged to join the conversation and put words to action by identifying common struggles amongst our communities and mobilizing to end the criminalization of Black and Brown communities in Kansas City and beyond.

Panelists will include Molly Fleming (Communities Creating Opportunity), Laurie Anderson (Immigrant Justice Advocacy Movement), Moor’el (Co-founder of Defaced Society), PaKou Her (18 Million Rising), Andres Herrera (One Struggle KC).[2]

St. Mark Hope and Peace Lutheran, Kansas City. Moderated by Diane Burkholder One Struggle KC.

Michael L. Johnson forum

Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2015 One Struggle KC organized a forum;

October 10, 2015 marks the two-year anniversary of Michael L. Johnson’s arrest. Since that time, 23-year old Michael has faced stigmatizing media coverage, a grueling trial, and was sentenced to a horrific 30 1/2 years in prison under HIV criminalization laws in Missouri.
The prosecution and incarceration of Michael Johnson highlighted many of the ways in which policing, racist criminal justice practices and homophobia intersect – and led to a beautiful statement of love and support from 116 Black gay men, as well as several strategic discussions about advancing solidarity frames between the HIV decriminalization movement and ‪#‎BlackLivesMatter‬ at the historic first-ever Movement for Black Lives (‪#‎M4BL‬) National Convening that occurred in Cleveland, Ohio on July 22-24.

Panelists included:

Moderated by Maxx Boykin, Community Organizer, AIDS Foundation of Chicago, BYP100 and HIV. [3]·

Day of Solidarity with Trans Prisoners

Organized by Progressive Youth Organization Friday 22 January 2016, "Day of Solidarity with Trans Prisoners" 3911 Main St,Kansas City.

Join us for an evening of art, entertainment and education as we stand in solidarity with our incarcerated trans siblings.

Those indicating attendance or support on the Wherevent website included Skyler Whittaker, Gary Payne, Diane Burkholder, Susie McClannahan, Evie Bremerman, Irasema Lauderdale, Luisa E. Reyes, Elina Jasmine Vikdahl, Anna Ruth, Annie Windholz, Monique Gabrielle Salazar, Jessica Lynn Matthews, Mariel Enriquez, Charissa LaVelle Caster, Taylen Fares, Donna Nichin-Alicea, Atzintli Perdomo, Dhruv Majumdar, April Foster, Katie Weitenhagen, Kevin Caldwell, Maci Jessica Branch, Itzel Alheli Lopez Vargas, Sawyer Malone Harris, Jozzy Tre, Kevin Bailey, Shea LaRoux, Tsvetina Pavlova, Nicholas Begley, Brittany D. Coleman, Samantha Kay Sera, Ash Allee, Alex Fisher, Phoebe McCarty, Korea Cavalli Gleason, Carlos Flores, Tavish Lloyd Danner, Conner Schlesselman, Taylor Cline, Alex Armstrong, Haley Pypes, Brianna Dobbs, Gary Charles Wagaman, Matt Butler, Shiva Honey, Hobbes Entrikin-Goering, Shane Stange, Kim Sharitz, Ezra Eli Eliot, Ayrun Henson.

This is a collaboration between Black and Pink, EQUAL Trans* Support Group, IWOC IWW, and Progressive Youth Organization.[4]

"KC Empower Missouri Friday Forum: Members of One Struggle KC"

Event in Kansas City, 817 Westport Rd, Kansas City, February 5, 2016. Organized by C. Elliott Wattree.

“Not your Daddy’s Civil Rights Movement!”:

An Overview of the New Civil Rights Era In KC. Members of One Struggle KC will discuss:

  • What is the Black Lives Matter Movement?
  • The Ryan Stokes Campaign
  • How to engage in BLM works and Importance of Non-Bias policing

Those indicating attendance on Wherevent included Brittany Coleman, Anna Ruth, Shamika Williams, Kianda Simmons, Ashley Peaches, Diane Burkholder, Sherri Hewitt, Ranadous Jones, Austin Daniel, C. Elliott Wattree.[5]