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The Justice Caucus

In 2010 The Justice Caucus endorsed Dian Slavens in her race for House District 21.[1] Nan Melke, writing on The Justice Caucus website commented on Slavens,[2]

"As a member of the House Health Policy Committee and as Vice Chair of the House Senior Health, Security and Retirement Committee, Dian has championed legislation to hold health care professionals accountable when they engage in harmful and unethical medical practices... Drawing on her many years as a respiratory therapist, where she witnessed the devastating and often fatal effects of secondhand smoke, Dian was also instrumental in banning smoking in most indoor places in Michigan, including bars and restaurants... In addition, Dian is working to make state government more efficient and accountable to our residents. She sponsored a plan to end taxpayer-funded lifetime health care for state lawmakers to ensure that our elected officials share in the sacrifice that Michigan families are facing every day."