Devin Rydel Kelly

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Devin Rydel Kelly

South Sound DSA comrades

Zachary Pattin · April 28, 2018 ·


Heck damn I love my comrades. 🌹 — with Devin Rydel Kelly, Eric Herde, Rosemary Cooke Windsor, Austin Hayes, James H. Williams, Debby Kellar Pattin, Megan Little, Tyler Rasmussen, Riley Woodward-Pratt, Tyler Brady and Nyef Mohamed.

Tacoma tenant activists

Tacoma Tenants are going to win, y’all. 🌹


[📸: Devin Rydel Kelly] — with Andrea Shapiro, Monique Patel, Jay Bay Bay, Nichole Crockett, John W. Adams, Austin Hayes, Joseph Childers, Alex Scheel and Shannon Seidel.

South Sound Facebook public group

Members of the South Sound Democratic Socialists of America, public Facebook group, as of October 15, 2017 included Devin Rydel Kelly.[1]